Weekly Recap Oct 16th – 22nd 2022

Heyo Ice Wawwiors :3

Levelz and IceQueen here bringing you the weekly recap once again! This week was jam packed! We said goodbye to DrQueen and Freedomist one last time 💙 and also launched Harry Potter week with the House Cup Competition! 🪄
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Weekly Recap Oct 9th – 15th 2022

Hewwo Ice Wawwiors :3

Hope you all had an uwu owo uwu (amazing) week! Levelz and IceQueen here bringing you the weekly recap! 17 is our lucky number this week, keep on reading to find out why! 🤣
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Weekly Recap Oct 2nd – Oct 8th 2022

Once upon a time,

There was an evil penguin named IceQueen1020. She took over the town of Subzero and froze it with her Elsa powers. The only way to save Subzero from the scary Icequeen1020 was to do well this week! Let’s see if the troops and events were good enough to save Subzero.

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Weekly Recap Sept 25 – Oct 1 2022

Heyo Ice Warriors!

With many of us busy with school and work, we’ve calmed down events now to four per week! Never the less, this week saw us battling two armies and many other exciting events! Read on to see what we were up to on Club Penguin Battleground!

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Weekly Recap: September 18-24th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone has been productive and staying well. This week was rather a sort week, so let’s see what IW was up to this week!

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Weekly Recap September 11-17 2022

Hii Ice Warriors!

This week, Ice Warriors had an🧜‍♀️Underwater Party🌊 with a whole array of events! It was a fun-packed week with many CPAB, Roblox, Kahoots, and many other games!

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Weekly Recap: September 4th – 10th

Hewwo Ice Wariors :3

This has been a week filled with war invasions as well asl fun themed events and practice battles! Keep on reading to see all of our events in this past week!!

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Weekly Recap: August 28th – September 3rd

Hey Ice Warriors!

This week we continued our war with SWAT and lead 4-0 as they are yet to show up to any of our invasions. Alongside the invasions we’ve also hosted some fun events, keep on reading to see what they were!

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