Weekly Recap Oct 9th – 15th 2022

Hewwo Ice Wawwiors :3

Hope you all had an uwu owo uwu (amazing) week! Levelz and IceQueen here bringing you the weekly recap! 17 is our lucky number this week, keep on reading to find out why! 🤣

We say Goodbye to both Freedomist and DrQueen tomorrow as they head off Retirement Island!

Week 1 Trick or Treat Champions: Swirl, October & Josh!

There are fun plans for the final two weeks of Spooktober so keep those EYES open in the IW Discord!

Luna was promoted to Trusted Staff!

Chey is now Major General!

Subster has now joined the leadership team as Leader-In-Training!

Congratulations to you all!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[EU] The Hunt of Vampire IceQueen

Max: 17

[EU] IW Clowns – Chek is a clown and is racist

Max: 17

[US] Star Wars Showdown: IW Empire vs ACP Rebels

Max: 17

[AUSIA] IW Pumpkins

Max: 17

Thanks for reading this top ten person and whoever else from IW reads these anymore!

Thank you to IceQueen1020 (Yes that’s me Levelz) for helping count the pictures and our IW Photographers! 

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