Live life from one high to another

When you become a leader, you have a few things in mind. Plans to make your army active, improve your size, revamp your staff team, you know, the regular army revamping methodologies. For me, It was always: When do you know it’s the right time to retire?

For advice like this, I always went to Orange. Of course, Orange would say, “You will know when you know,” which didn’t help per usual from the 200 pieces of advice he had given me, but I rolled with it anyway. I think I realized when one, a lot of the OG people I used to work with is now retired/gone, but two, you have been part of IW for almost two years and have been a leader for over a year and 2 months, while obtaining IW legend and winning a tournament with your best friends, yeah you know its time. I joined this crazy lame army as a staff member on literally the first day of your master’s program in 2020. I opened my master’s journey and IW journey simultaneously, and now I am closing my master’s journey and IW journey simultaneously. It feels right. Time to move on, get my dream job with my dream car, and run IceQueen1020 over.

Literally, it was the peak of Covid-19, and I was on CPO playing around with one of my girls. I saw a person advertising for these armies, which I was intrigued to join, but my girl thought it was lame so one night I snuck online and joined one of the advertising armies. Yes, it is true; IW wasn’t my first army. Doritos of CP was my first army for about a couple of weeks #ChipatHeart. Didn’t really like it and joined the other advertising army, Ice Warriors, and well, the rest is basically history.

Panini and Quinn were the first two individuals who welcomed me into IW. In fact, Panini was the reason I stayed in Ice Warriors because she made me feel really welcome. Then I met IceQueen1020, my first friend in Ice Warriors, and we found out we had too much in common, and we called ourselves sisters, a man who would have thought I was gonna lead an army with this one brain cell person one day. I had fun in IW and met some fantastic people, especially Lemonade1Steph, Purplelady05, Clindsz, Chris183, Shinde, Waddle, and Josh. We hung out so much in VC’s recruiting and welcoming. Staff didn’t feel like a job, but instead felt like an escape from the real world, which I needed, given my program was starting a bit wonky. Staff was definitely fun; I didn’t care for promos until one day, I looked on the site and got Major General (7ic), then eventually SKIPPED a whole ass rank. Thank you, Iceyfeet1234, for letting me skip a staff rank, but you made Levelz do all the ranks :)))))))) (WHO THE BITCH NOW, LEVELZ?!??!?)

Seems typical, but on October 17th, 2020. As the famous Anakin Skywalker said, “This is where the fun begins.”

From being undefeated for over two months, becoming a Major Army status, breaking our size record twice, from people declining our PB request… yeah, Water Ninjas was the peak of my happiness. Thank you, Water Ninjas, for everything.

Now comes Ice Warriors. On September 6th, I was crowned as Ice Warriors’ 18th Leader. The ups and downs I have had with this army. Almost retired early, the mental breakdowns over this army, the fights, the laughs, the memories, the friendships. Holy crap. I went through it all. Was it worth it? Despite the mental breakdowns.. yeah, 100%. I have WAY too many memories with this army, but here are just a few of my top/favorite ones.

Here’s the one thing I learned about armies, and I wish everyone to take this with them. This one fucking serious children’s game. We have literally grown adults who get upset over penguins and over dumb stuff. Life is WAY too short to let penguins screw up your friendships. These are people with real feelings. This game is 100% a joke, but the people behind the screen are actual human beings. Give them some love and compassion. They are just as human as the person reading this now. Why do you think I go by “Live Life from one high to Another” So much? It’s because life is short; enjoy it. If you wanna enjoy it on discord, hell yeah, dude, go for it but don’t let penguins ruin it. It’s not that deep. Move on. Easier said than done, I get it, but since I started doing this year in 2022, Life has been good.

Thank you to the Ice Warriors community for supporting me, believing in me, and trusting me to put IW on the right path. It was an honor being your Leader, and I got to work with an amazing group of people I call my family today and met some talented, amazing smart troops and staff members. You guys are everything, and I wish you guys the best. Im really not going anywhere; I’ll be around as IW Advisor, still cheering you guys from the stands.

Thank you

Purple: Purple wanted a whole separate post for her message. So you can find it here. Ride or Die. Wifey 4 life. Sister. Best Friend. Not going to lie, every time I talked retirement with you, I knew in my head I wanted to retire but sometimes I would chicken out. I always thought it was gonna be me who was the last one to retire, but now you get to slave for Icequeen and Levels some more HAHAHAHAH. I still remember the day meeting you in IW main chat and you were just a fresh-off-the-boat staff:*) and I was a baby SIT. Every night coming home from school, I would look forward to hoping on discord and just talking and fangirling about different things. Then who knew our FRIENDSHIP WOULD SKYROCKET to what it is today. We seriously LOL, my god we been THRU IT ALL. You were always the first to know everything going on in my life, always the first person I went to if I needed to cry, rant, scream or just want to annoy and you were always there for me. The friendship we have together is something I cherish every day, and no matter what, I protect you from all the penguin boys trynna snatch you (I don’t blame them cause you are really hot). Thanks for being an integral part of the army journey in IW and Water Ninjas. You are a blessing in my life and deserve all the happiness in the world and I wish you nothing but the best. Can’t wait to see my babes graduate, and me and Aaron are always rooting for you! (I love you more) To the many more years of our amazing love and friendship together, thank you purple, seriously. I don’t tell you this enough or sometimes I don’t show my appreciation for you enough, but you are always my girl for life ❤  Kith kith:

IceQueen1020: God damn bitch. If I write everything about our friendship, I will make it as long as my thesis. Well, all I can say is, Thank you and there is nothing I can say to repay you for everything you have done for me. There’s too much to talk about us. You have been there for me every second of the day and never stopped. All through my happy days, my hard days, the days I am bawling in tears in yours dms. You are my sister, separated at birth, and I cannot thank god enough for allowing me to meet your golden soul. You are such an amazing human being.  From winning march madness together to getting IW Legend together, leading Water Ninjas together, I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. I love you so freaking much, IceQueen; you are truly my sister. But…. When I became leader, I declared War on Elsa Warriors (IceQueen1020’s multi-logging army), I am here to force a treaty with Elsa Warriors and claim that the Army of DrQueen has successfully won the Queen’s war.
Here are the terms IceQueen:
1. Shut up
2. You will transfer all your land to Army of DrQueen
3. You owe DrQueen a new fortnite skin.

Dedicate song 2 you, kith:

Kally: It was an honor leading Water Ninjas and Ice Warriors with you. Sadly, things didn’t turn out the best between us, but you are still someone who means a lot in my life. The memories, the twerking, the fortnite battles, our bad bitch energy in leadership chat shutting down half of the shit that went down, what a dynamic duo we were. I hope you are enjoying your dream job, looks like you are thriving! Take care and hope you are doing well 🙂

Freedomist: To CPA’s #1 girl snatcher. It’s been real getting to know you these past two years and developing an amazing friendship. You and Levelz are like little brothers to me, and will always keep you both dear in my heart. We got WNCP Leader together, and now we retire as IW leaders together, wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Thanks for your mentorship and for teaching me how to be an army leader. Too many memories of Myself, you, and Levelz bullying IceQueen1020, Fortnite, and Overwatch 2 sessions. CheersMate.

Levelz: Dear Levelz, Happy Birthday, you dumb NUT. Glad that I got to know you, and nothing brings me more Joy than to see you happy. Seeing you makes me happy, and that’s all I ever want for you. You are a good kid who will make it far in life, and I know that. Never doubt yourself and smile; because your smile is nice, you should use it more often. Love you always kiddo, and to the many more memories we will have together 🙂 To the many more memories of our unbreakable friendship ❤ (A foolish man complains about a hole in his pocket, while a wise man uses it to scratch his balls.)

Thank you for making me a leader in this hellhole. Our friendship started a bit shakey, but I am now glad that we have a really strong bond and friendship, telling each other our deepest darkest secrets. Thank you for allowing me to lead this wonderful army and awarding me IW Legend. You are women I seriously look up to, and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me, IW, and the team. Looking forward to manning more 10pm Icey in the car/OH SHIT, I MISSED MY EXIT Phonecalls with you! Appreciate you, dude!

Lemeonade1S: Listen, my twins are bigger than Tia and Tamera, I just didn’t have the heart to tell you, but the truth hurts, and had to do it at my retirement. Can I finally be let into your retirement club now that I am retired? I’ll even let you roll a d20 to determine that. You have been one my truest friends on this site and have made me extremely humble throughout this year and realize to prioritize yourself over penguins. You are on my side throughout this all is what got me through this, and glad to have you on my support team. Salute to OUR TRUE IW VETERANS!! LEMONADE1S IS THE REAL IW LEGEND! GOD BLESS. Appreciate our friendship, homie, and here’s to the many years of bitching about our PI’s 🙂

Quinn: QUINN BBY. I will salute to you for being the true IW veteran LOL. Dude thanks for dealing with my shit and I appreciate all the times we had with each other and with stinky. You are my source of news, the Fortnite dates, the tea, the drama. I wake up every morning and check our group chat the first thing is that you ranting about something which educates me since I hate watching the news. You have also been a real homie to me. I thank you for being an amazing friend to me. I love you sis, and Ned Fulmer is a bitch.

Josh: Where do I start with you, dude. We joined Ice Warriors just days from each other! Crazy that we grew up in armies together! I hope one day to see you lead Ice Warriors and this next generation to the fullest potential. You have so much potential, and I believe you can do it. My biggest advice is to keep your team close and become family with them. Being a friend to the staff members and not a leader that’s how I got through it. Good luck, dude, am watching you from the sides!

Crisy: MY LIT SISTER. Being promoted to 3ic together and being a LIT with you was one of the best months of being a LIT. Our times we bullied Levelz, #DrCrisy Takeover, and everything else we have been through, I cherished every moment of it! Congrats on all your successes in real life, make sure to give Sparky a treat :3

Kris: NOOBTINA!! I am grateful to have someone like you as part of my life! You are the sweetest little flower I met, and love messing around in IW with you! You are such a strong woman and give me boss-bitch working vibes, which, yes, SLAY.  Please make sure that you occasionally shank Freedomist for me :))) I love you slay girl boss! Enjoy college and I will send you more veggie lasagna.

Orange: Nothing in the world can express how much I appreciate you, and can’t thank you for everything you have done for me. For believing me, trusting me to lead your baby, and mentoring me to become the leader I am today. Your friendship and mentorship have been good to me and thank you for encouraging me to make a Linkedin! I am super cool now because of you! Chase that bread dude, am proud of you and keep on having fun and I am still not sorry for asking your bestie to be the flower girl at my future wedding. Drink on!

Reddy: You are annoying, but you are also cool. You and hunter are honestly my little bros, and it’s been an honor to be your SIT teacher, dude, and see you grow not just in armies but as a cool individual. Let’s stay in touch you mean a lot to me.

Maya: MY FAVORITE MAYA WHO GIVES THE BEST HUGS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Honestly, thank you for sticking by my side during the rough times. Being a leader is hard, but you def made it easier for me when you knew I was going through it. ily my dude, hope to see you as a Leader In Training! You will def fill in my shoes on my day.

Crazyflame: It’s nice to know to go through this entire journey with someone you graduated within SIT school. Thank you for everything you did for Ice Warriors and for being extremely loyal to us. Hard to find many of those people, but glad to have a hardworking dude like you on the team. Love yah, SIT Brother, and hope the military is treating you well!

Subster: We been through it all sis… LITERALLY LOL. Glad we got to fix our friendship throughout this year, Congrats on the well-deserved promotion. Good Luck as a Leader in Training! Keep your other LITs close to you, it’s the only way your gonna get through it!

Link3000: MY KING. MY LOVE. It’s funny that our friendship bloomed because we kept babysitting Lanie + we counted penguins together for over six months. I am so grateful to meet someone whos strong, hardworking, and dedicated. Working with you as my co-head for TT in CPAN and working the months we had together as BIA leaders, what a joy. I am proud of everything you have done for RPF and seeing you achieve the unthinkable. From roasting each other in PB’s/Tournaments to taking each other out on butter paneer/Garlic Naan dates are the summary of our entire friendship. We shall still keep our friendship stronk and play lots of OverWatch2. Hope you get RPF Legend one day. You deserve it! ❤ – Love your Black Widow sister :*)

Lanie: CPA’s #1 Dentist. I assure you that I will take my future kids to your practice and ensure our teeth are cleaner than our livers combined when we drink (Sorry, not Sorry Link). You have grown to be an amazing young individual working your ass off in a STEM field. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and one day you will get it! Enjoy your life, life is too short for men to screw up your heart, but Science is our real love. Cheering you on; love you bae 

Elex & Uncle F6: To the most corrupt leaders of RPF, I am surprised you haven’t couped Link3000 yet. They told me she was gonna deface RPF server one day. I thank you both for your generous support towards IW, and leading BIA alongside you has been a pleasure. I wish you both nothing but love, success, and prosperity in your future careers. (Please coup link3000)

Aaronstone: To my favorite dude ever. Your support and love towards Ice Warriors have been a blessing, and we thank you. Thanks for being my #1 fan. You have pushed me to do the unthinkable and have done nothing but support, encourage, and love me in real life and in this game. I wish you the best in your retirement and will always be there on your side to see you achieve your dreams!  I love you, bighead, Happy 7 months dork ❤

Holly & Mabel: I felt like putting both of your names together was right because you both are literally two peas in a pod, and I adore yall friendship. Mabel, I cannot wait to see you do amazing things in Water Vikings under your leadership! I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you bring home a tournament win. You are truly an amazing person inside and out! Holly, I’ve only known you briefly, but your cheerful and happy energy always brings a smile to my face. Keep on being the reason everyone smiles. I appreciate you both so much and wish yall the best.

Disha: Given that I grew up in a household where we used to play Bollywood music all the time, I was scared that I wasn’t gonna find anyone to share the same passion and interest as me. I was really happy to find my Bollywood partner in crime. Disha, you are one of the most wholesome and caring individuals I have ever met on this site. Your girl-boss attitude and dedication fuel me, and hopefully, that will take you to be the next Water Vikings Leader! You are truly a media legend <3. I dedicate this Bollywood song to you:

To my amazing allies: Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Help Force, and Silver Empire, Thank you for your support and the memories ❤

Additional shoutouts: The entire IW Staff, Waddle, Adverntix, Panini, Clindsz, Kayles, Crisy, Cloudy, qtBen, Et3rnal_v0id, Mae, Chris, Silverboy, Mogi4, Chek, Jay, Ramenbender, Hunter, penguin, HeadChicken, Pran, Alucard, Luna, Chevy, Dany, Shinde, Flamez, Madhav, Erick09, LawCorazon, Clout, Pydro, Paddy, Yvng, Crazzy, Maggie, Aubz, Mare, Amber, DF, Dragon, Wynn, Diwix, Scorp, April, Lil Soup, Spotty, Max, Vanish & Fusion

If I forgot your name, don’t think you are not that important because you are ❤ If I missed you, I apologize, as I am trying to do this from all memory.

It’s been, real Ice Warriors. Signing off for one last time, Live Life from one high to Another & Don’t Freeze-up.

~ DrQueen/AliaTano/DJ Docta Queen/Black Widow/Yelena Belova/PingQueen/Hot Cheetos Queen/ The real IW Queen/ the 2000 names yall had for me.

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  1. I love you, meri jaan! Happy Retirement! ❤


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