Veni, Vidi, Vici – Freedomist’s Retirement Post

I came, I saw, I conquered.

I joined the Ice Warriors over 2 years ago back in September of 2020 and I do not regret my decision one bit but my time has now come.

How did we get here in the first place? I made my first Club Penguin account back in 2008 but I didn’t join armies for a long time however I vividly remember when I first joined armies back in 2016. It was Easter when I waddled into the plaza and saw someone advertising a group that was offering free nitro. This group was the Light Troops army. I logged on for my first ever army event that same day and, like the robux and nitro kids of today, I was desperate to get my hands on the free memberships. Notably, I logged onto one of my many 40 or so alts on Club Penguin (had to satisfy my child self’s many personalities somehow) since I was scared this free membership might be a scam and I’d get one of my main accounts banned. I may have not won the membership and I may have been clueless, but I was certainly having fun. I attended at least one other event after that but my time in Light Troops was practically nonexistent since I basically died after that but I still reminisce upon it fondly.

where it all began, legendary alt ik

In August of 2019 me and one of my friends were looking back on the Club Penguin days and that’s when we discovered Club Penguin Online. I joined the CPO discord and practically instantly I got invited into a new Club Penguin army. Templars. I joined TCP on August 6th 2019 and attended my first TCP event that same day, an invasion of Cream Soda against the Aliens. I ranked up to both HCOM and got Knight of the Week five days later on August 11th and the next day on August 12th I miraculously got promoted to leader. The Summer of 2019 marked my first time ever leading a CP army and I have very fond memories of leading at 2AM off my famous toilet – a meme which has followed me to this day. I remember leading in the war against the NAA and it’s members (Aliens, Royals, Help Force and the other irrelevant armies) which gave rise to one of my favourite events when I led a successful raid against the Aliens’ card jitsu event for over an hour. I was proud to watch TCP reach the finals of Fjord Frenzy back in February, despite losing in the finals to Pirates in the fairest battle you’ll ever see in a tournament. My leadership lasted for over a year however it was on and off from Autumn 2019 until June 2020 when lockdown had me bored to the point where I fully dedicated myself to TCP. I practically lived off TCP and the army community from June to September until I retired. I often find myself looking back on that period, especially due to the friends I formed during that time. Unfortunately by my retirement, I had burnt myself out however I felt like I wasn’t quite done yet.

TCP vs HF, circa aug 2019

I was uncertain where I’d go after retiring from Templars and I narrowed my options to: staying out of armies, rejoining the newly revived light troops and joining TCP’s allies Ice Warriors. What did I choose? Rejoining the LT revival for 2ic. Fortunately for me that revival was a shit show so I could jump ship and that’s when I joined IW. For what rank did I rejoined? Staff in training. Trust me when I say I got clowned on for it but I didn’t regret my decisions since I was having fun. I have fond memories of playing Among Us with the likes of Icey, Kally, Law and Regan – especially when I killed him and danced on his body but still managed to lie my way to victory. The late night recruiting sessions where we’d be recruiting until 3AM and laughing the entire time were also surprisingly fond times in my life. I’d like to shout out the Brit Gang consisting myself, IceQueen, Alucard and Archie formed at the time since it was the first friendship group I had formed in IW and smoking Archie on Black Ops Cold War on VC was one hell of a time.

Some of you will recall that during this time IW had a colony called the Water Ninjas which I joined on the 5th of October as 2ic. After helping lead a few events, alongside DrQueen, I joined the leadership on the 17th of the same month. The core leadership of myself, Kally, DrQueen and IceQueen formed the iconic WN leadership of 2020 which ended up in us becoming the best of friends (forming the avocado family + levelz) and breaking WN’s max record twice within the same month. Never did I think I’d have so much fun being an active staff member in one army and a leader in another but that 3 month period was one I certainly wish I could relive. To this day I remember the feeling I got when I saw that I had been inducted as an SM army legend for my work with TCP and WN. Unfortunately, things started going to shit after the end of Flash with the search for a new CPPS and the CPAH situation which I can’t be asked to go into since I’m writing this post has to go out within the next couple of hours. During this time Water Ninjas unfortunately shut down and IW became a gaming server for a while.

WN final event, max 48

IW didn’t remain a gaming server for too long however the enjoyment I found in armies back in 2020 did not carry into 2021 but I still had the drive to keep on working in IW since I was determined to rank up. I ended up hitting my goal of 5k recruits in 2021 and I already held the record for most recruits since October 2020 (record still stands, get to work staff), eventually leading to me ranking up to Leader in Training a year after I first joined IW on September 17 2020. Throughout my time as LiT, I led in three tournaments: Christmas Chaos XI, Ausia Arena and March Madness VII. We ended up getting second place in CCXI, losing to RPF in the final, where I went 3W-1T-2L in the rooms I led in. Ausia Arena ended up fairly similar as we once again lost to RPF in the final, where I similarly went 3W-2T-1L. Finally, in MMVII we managed to win a tournament and I managed to win all 5 rooms I led in, leading in the only rounds we won against WV and RPF in the quarters and semis. To win March Madness and help IW get the threepeat was a highlight in my army career as it was the first time I had won a tournament after being in 3 finals before finally winning one.

In all honesty, I hadn’t enjoyed armies since 2021 apart from a few incidents however I kept on working as a LiT until I was finally promoted to leader on April 24th 2022. The division between CPAHQ and CPAN along with the incompetence of the new CPA league killed whatever little interest I had left in armies however I still wanted to stay apart of IW so I could support my friends and maybe have fun from time to time. One such example would be the war against SWAT and the creation of the amog us army which was one of the few thrills I got within my time as IW leader since it gave us some golden moments, however all good things must come to an end.

I’ve seen armies rise and fall, I’ve seen friends retire, I’ve had my fun, I got the opportunity to lead IW and I managed to get on the Hall of Fame however now it’s time to end this chapter in armies and end this post with some shoutouts. I’m not one for sappy messages but if I mentioned you below then I liked you and could think of something to say for you. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my time whether it be in TCP, WN and or TCP.


Xing – You introduced me to CPPS armies, fuck you lets make out aggressively

CCRocket – It’s a shame we couldn’t lead with each other more since I always enjoyed leading with you blah blah blah other nice stuff blah blah blah thanks for introducing me to Jarvis and for holding our wedding

Chamitao – Crazy how you went from being a pain in the ass in TCP to one of my best friends but I guess surprises happen. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the molly pics

Popcorny – Cringe

Brownpen – I’m waiting on that post to this day but you can still have my kids

Racecar – You’re one of the few cool ones left so I wish you the best of luck, I hope you enjoyed all my antics and trolling in TCP. Now please never again say I have a nice voice

Water Ninjas + Avocado Family:

Kally – My fellow commie, I’m glad we had the opportunity to shit on IceQueen and DrQueen together and it’s time to join you on retirement island

IceQueen – Cringe, go touch grass

DrQueen – We became WN leaders together, we retire from IW together. But you’re still cringe for baring resemblance to IceQueen

Levelz – me when uhmmm ummm men men men i like men im a men liker i like kissing men on the lips. happy femboy friday in advance

Ice Warriors:

Iceyfeet – Thank you for all the promotions and rewards you’ve given me, even if you blue balled me for the longest time I appreciate the opportunity you’ve granted me in IW

Shinde – My fellow Pole, it’s thanks to you that I joined IW in the first place and was able to experience all of this, dziekuje za wszystkiego

Regan – Nice rack bro, you may be Irish but you can be bearable

Orange – You gave me an opportunity to lead in WN and had it not been for you I wouldn’t have been able to make some of my closest friends so thank you for what you have done for me. But you are also Am

Law – Maybe not Polish but still a slav, respect

Flamez – Liverpool supporter but could be worse

BEN – Cloud9 supporter, cringe

Erick09 – Playing you in AtWar was fun even if you were dog shit

Kristina – Can’t spell for shit, should be cancelled

Clindsz – Cat girl but could be worse

Maya – Even if you called me Freedopiss you were still cool

Subster – You may have bullied me sometimes but you made some good art so you get a pass

Purple – You always called me a clown, you never looked in a mirror

qtBen – I remember you getting me confused at BEN’s retirement event and it’s haunted me ever since

Alucard – British and listens to good music, a W man

Archie – Ass at call of duty but you’re British so you get a pass

Snow – Another Brit, it was fun fucking around with you in chat and on MC

Turbo – My recruiting duo until you quit, the thought of you and I still gives me wet dreams


Lydia – I’m glad you like my toes, maybe you’ll be unbanned from IW one day

Tsanami – Molly > bynx, but thanks for all the practice battle points when I was leading TCP and WN

Caramel – You wrote posts on me so you’re cool

I’ll probably go back and add stuff into this post when I feel like it but I got a deadline to meet so this is all for now, you can probs find some more IW stuff in DrQueen’s retirement post since I never saved pics and I’m scrambling for them last second. That being said, I’m honoured to have been able to lead this army and I’m grateful to everyone who has made this experience worthwhile. Enjoy the photo dump.

he loves me even if he denies it

somehow this pic has become one of the most famous in tcp

it should’ve been

brit takeover in iw

a true shame, although he never did prove that his bra was off

big up wormhipists


photoshopped, colours were switched in the original

laugh at kris for her bad photoshop

true true i agree with your statement

too harsh of an attack on me

part 1

part 2 – the day icequeen grew up

the most cursed X you’ll ever see

shoutout subster for this art work as well as the one at the start of the post

wrong 6 inch u dirty minds

my pov whilst writing the post, thanks molly

That’s all from me Ice Warriors. As always, don’t freeze up – deus vult.

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  1. Happy Retirement! ❤


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