Retirement of Iceyfeet1234

Ten years ago, on June 3rd, a certain someone wrote…

After 5 long years as leader of the Ice Warriors, this day has finally come. I, Iceyfeet1234, leader of the Ice Warriors, am retiring today, June 3rd, 2012.

But he never really left, did he? Now here we are in 2022, looking at yet another retirement. It is fair to say that he has influenced so many lives (#influencer). So this post is our gift for you Icey, from your leaders, staff, veterans, allies, and most importantly, friends. Continue reading

Weekly Recap: 7/31/22 – 8/6/22

Another Week, Another Weekly Recap!

This weekend, it was announced that our creator and leader, Iceyfeet1234, will be stepping down as a leader to return to an advisor position. IW prepares for transition as we celebrate a weekend full of events to honor Icey. Aside from gaining a lot of lands, lets check out to see what else IW has been doing this week.

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Misc Friday #11

Hey there Ice Guardians! Welcome back to our amazing series, which is Misc Friday and indeed, this is going to be our 11th edition of it! Well, like usual, we are going to view some of the coolest things from #fan-art, #food and #pets. With this, let’s begin our today’s article.

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