Weekly Recap: August 14th – 20th

Hello Warriors!

We hope everyone has had a great week! We wish everyone the best of luck for those who returned to school this or will be returning to school next week! We believe you guys will do great things! Let’s check out some stuff that happened this week!

Congrats to Levelz on achieving his promotion to Leader!

Congrats to Ice Warriors for placing 2nd place on CPA’s Top Ten!

Congrats to Alucard on his promotion to 3rd in command!

Congrats to Origin on her promotion to Staff!

Congrats to Jay on his promotion to 4th in Command!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[EU] Simon Says

Max: 28

[US/EU] IW Ghostbusters vs Help Force Ghost

Max: 24

[EU] Anime Takeover + Pika Leader Promo!

Max: 27

[AUSIA] IW Pizza vs ACP O’berries

Max: 16

[EU/US] Event

Max: 25


That’s all for now, folks; until next time!

Thank you to IceQueen1020 for helping count the pictures!

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