New code for New Club Penguin!

Hey Ice Warriors!

Use the new code 20KUSERS for some clothes items, a background, a pin and money!

That’s all for now!

Don’t Freeze Up!


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NewCP Secret Items in Costume Trunk Catalog and Dojo Catalog

Hey Ice Warriors!

If you like secret items you will love this post! Today I present to you the ones that are hidden in the Costume Trunk Catalog (in the Mall in the Plaza), and the Dojo Catalog!


Click on The Fern Fuzz to buy a Grass Skirt

Click on the golden puffle to buy the Crook and Flail

The Sunset Crown can be yours by clicking on the Funny Pig mask!

Wow that’s a bright emerald, click on it to buy the Ruffle Collar

Click on the White Fuzzy Beard to buy the Pointy Shoes


Click on the left leaf at the bottom middle to buy The Cinder and the Tea Ceremony Robes

If you want the Crimson Sun Suit, just click on the right leaf at the top left.

To buy The Bolt and the Thunder Gi click on the left leaf at the top right.

And that are all the secret items from this two catalogs! I hope you enjoy them.

Huge thanks to Shinde for the images!

Don’t Freeze Up!


IW Leader in Training

NewCP and Secret July Catalog Items

Hello Ice Warriors!

Ready to buy some some fancy clothes for your penguin on New Club Penguin? Look what a beautiful clothes are hidden in the July Clothes Catalog in the Clothes Shop in Town!

Click on String of Shells to buy a Grey Shovel

Did someone say a Raindrop Necklace?
Click on The Continental to get one!

The Plunge can be yours for free! Just click on Treasure Maps

Click on Plum Slippers to buy Canvas Cloud Shoes

If you want to buy a Floppy Hat,
just click on Air Force 1 Black or near the Pink Letterman Jacket!

Click on the hat to buy The Tuft

Blue Polo Shirt can be yours! Just click on the pink beanie

How to get the Viking Helmet and the Blue Viking Helmet? Click on the black cowboy hat and then on the right top corner of the secret item!

That’s all guys! Go to buy your favourite clothes and show us your style!

Throwback: Goodbye Stage, Hello Puffle Berry Mall – June 4th, 2015

Hey Ice Warriors!

Yesterday, I posted about the Frozen Takeover party, and now I bring you another throwback, to when the Stage was removed off the streets of Club Penguin, and replaced by the very popular Puffle Berry Mall.




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Throwback: CP Frozen Takeover Club Penguin – July 26th, 2014

Hey Ice Warriors!

I have not posted anything in a while, and it has been 2 years since I posted anything on this site. I am doing this because Club Penguin is shutting down very soon, and in memory of a party that was once popular in this army, I give you a post about CP Frozen, which was announced to be happening way back on July 26th, 2014.

A throwback to when the Frozen Party got us very huge, because we are an “Ice” Army and that creates more opportunity to attract recruits that can relate. A lot of people joined during the Frozen Party, some who have even stayed with us since then.

You can read more about this party, on my ‘CP Frozen Takeover‘ post.

A lot of people don’t really like this party at all, but that’s because this party is from a kids movie, and the comments were also wild… (Hehe Purple)

Polo Field mentions us in my post about the Frozen Party, along with some future plans. I think it’s pretty cool.

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Special Thanks For Astronaut / Jazz78946

Hey  Ice Warriors, Today our moderator Astronaut / Jazz78946 decided to make a video for people to join the ice warriors and thanks alot for him and he well get a grand prize 

for going this! 

Thanks to :


~Ben Ice warriors 3rd in command

Not Retiring

I am not leaving IW. My exams have been postponed.