In order to increase our sizes, we must recruit. Although the well known chat recruiting can also be successful, the use of autotyping has become increasing popular and effective. Therefore, I have made a step-by-step guide that I hope you all find helpful!

Go to the website: and download the ‘Autotyping’ program, which you can find by clicking on the picture:

Save the file called rsclient.exe

When you have downloaded the file from above, a menu should appear on your screen. Click the button with the text, “Auto Typer”, as shown below:

The autotyper menu should appear. First, set the Message Rate to 5 seconds and then click on ‘Add’ and start adding IW’s recruiting lines, which you can get from a leader or owner on chat. Due to CP filters, lines will most likely be updated daily.

Log on to a crowded room on a 5 -bar server and then open up your autotyper, and click on “Start (F12)”. Your autotyper will automatically copy, paste and enter the lines on Club Penguin. It works on its own, so you don’t have to be present while its running. Just make sure your penguin hasn’t been muted so your lines show.

**PLEASE NOTE** – DO NOT log on your main Club Penguin account because there is a good chance it will get banned. Use spare accounts when you are autotyping. You can make these yourself or ask someone on chat for a spare penguin.


7 Responses

  1. First! Btw, this does helps a lot of people and it will be more useful.


  2. why can’t i type it in and btw u have to download something pointless
    i do not want downloads junking up my computer


  3. This gave me virisos


  4. If you guys want to see how to use it live! Click the video link right here!

    Also includes a Recruiting message 😀


  5. this is gonna be great


  6. I can’t download it! It says I don’t have the correct application to open it, does anyone know what application this is?


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