IWNH: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Ice Warriors!

Have a spooky but safe one! Get as many candy as you can and party yourself out! Don’t party TOO hard. We have an important Championship Final tomorrow! 😀

Championship III Finals – Kingfunks4’s Last Battle – #3peat

Saturday – November 1st

Ice Warriors vs Dark Warriors

Where: Klondike, Town


4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST, 1:00pm PST, 8:00pm GMT

IWNH: Halloween Costume Competition Results!

Ice Warriors News Hub: Tomorrow is Halloween and the entries for the Halloween Costume Competition have been judged, with our 3 winner chosen.

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Crushing the Rebels [VICTORY OVER RPF]

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we logged on for a scheduled Practice Battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation and we did amazing. We defeated them after they surrendered ten minutes before the battle was supposed to end. We had great tactics, good formations, and decent sizes. Make sure to keep attending the rest of the battles this week.


We maxed 17.

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Regarding LT Battle


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New Recruiting Lines!

The Ice Warriors have new recruiting lines! Private Chat an owner on the chat to get them and help us become the biggest army in Club Penguin! All Ice Warriors that recruit for 1 hour a day will receive a promotion!

AUSIA Practice Battle [ACP]

Hello Comrades,

Today we logged on Sub Zero , Berg for a fantastic practice battle versus the ACP and i should say we did great considering our AUSIA is still developing. We maxed about 20 and averaged 18 with good tactics. This event was led by me , Funks and many other people. We also had a lot of fun with the IW and  the ACP combining to form ‘Pink Power‘. The battle ended with a draw. Read more for pictures.

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Successful Raid on Light Troops

Greetings Ice Warriors,

Today we logged on Ice Box to raid the Light Troop after they threatened to earlier. We went to the Town and the Ice Berg and we maxed 33-34 and averaged 30. We easily defeated them as the only Light Troop who showed up was Waterkid, the LT leader.

Albcs pics:

Screenshot at Oct 27 19-59-48 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-01-10 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-02-46 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-05-02  Screenshot at Oct 27 20-09-45 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-11-17 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-14-28  Screenshot at Oct 27 20-19-58 Screenshot at Oct 27 20-22-07

IWNH: 2nd in the Top Ten!

Ice Warriors News Hub – The Ice Warriors are placed 2nd in the Club Penguin Army Central official Top Ten rankings!

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