Round 2 of CPAC’s Sweet Sixteen Tournament >TODAY<

Aqua edit: We dont care Aj. We know you’re taking a good and long break, and wont be back for a while. Plus if you cant make it just freaking comment. God.

Aj edit: I won’t be there, but I’m expecting good sizes!

Now that we’ve won the first battle against the Pretzels, it’s time to advance on to the next. This time, our opponent will be the Watex Warriors. Below are the details for the upcoming battle!

Ice Warriors vs. Watex Warriors

Server: Klondike – at the Mine

When: Monday, June 18th, 2012








Medals you will gain if you attend: 10

I’m expecting to see sizes of 20+ troops for this event.

❗ Comment if you can/can’t come to this event! ❗


We Rocked The Mine!

Today we had the very first battle out of the whole CPAC Sweet 16 Tournament against the Pretzels. The battle was held in one room, at Klondike in the Mine. We were able to take the victory with sizes of 20+, which I think is very good for a Monday event. I also have to say that emote tactics were also top-notch. They were almost done immediately after said on chat and everyone did them. Pictures of the event have been posted below!

Very good!


Practice Battle with Nachos! [TODAY]

Since we have no events for the weekend, Albert and I decided to have a PB with Nachos. They said yes. Now here are the times, date, how many medals you will get, etc…


Date: [TODAY] Saturday June 16th 2012

Sever: Sleet


4:00 PM EST

3:00 PM CST

200 PM MST

1:00 PM PST

9:00 PM UK

How many medals will you get if you come: 10 medals

Comment if you can/can’t come!

Aj, IW 4ic.

Pratice Battle With Army Republic

Hey, It’s Daleboxtel. I have scheduled a practice battle with the Army Republic! I don’t have time to make my epic fancy-titled post. So I’ll cut to the chase! Here are the Times and Date:

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Practice Battle Results: IW vs UMA

Today marked my first event as leader. We went on Sub Zero to have a great practice battle with the UMA. We waited for a few minutes, and they thankfully showed up. After 30 minutes, we claimed the victory with sizes of 25 troops. Our tactics were really good. We managed to turn one diagonal line into an upside down V formation at the Snow Forts. Everyone that came to this great event got 10 medals. Pictures and a video of the event have been posted below.

Great job today!


REMINDER: Practice Battle with UMA! [TODAY]

Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs Underground Mafias Army

When: TODAY, June 9th

Where: Sub Zero, Town


3:00PM EST

2:00PM CST 

1:00PM MST

12:00PM PST

8:00PM UK

Be on

Moving On

Well, it seems to me that this has to be done.

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Hello ice warriors,

So yes our next event is today, here are the times incase you forgot them:

4:30PM PST, 5:30PM MST, 6:30PM CST, 7:30PM EST, 12:30AM UK!


Server: Below Zero (christmas server if it’s full)