Practice Battle Results: IW vs UMA

Today marked my first event as leader. We went on Sub Zero to have a great practice battle with the UMA. We waited for a few minutes, and they thankfully showed up. After 30 minutes, we claimed the victory with sizes of 25 troops. Our tactics were really good. We managed to turn one diagonal line into an upside down V formation at the Snow Forts. Everyone that came to this great event got 10 medals. Pictures and a video of the event have been posted below.

Great job today!


8 Responses

  1. I came :D, and btw, FIRST xP


  2. Awesome battle we both did good and I’m 2nd Lulz


  3. Came


  4. We also managed to make a penis (With uma as the penis, and IW as the balls) at town.


  5. lol i came nice job to evryone we did great


  6. im sorry I wasnt there
    I was up the top of a mountain


  7. UMA troop here. awesome job IW great PB


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