AUSIA Mining Event

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today, our AUSIA division logged on for a brief training, followed by some coin mining! We had an amazing turnout, thank you to everybody who joined the event!

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Divisional Practice Battle vs RPF

Hey Ice Warriors!

What would a Saturday without a Practice Battle be? This time, our divisions paired up with the divisions from the Rebel Penguin Federation! Polar and the Air Force fought bravely against the Blizzard and Navy coalition! Check out the results below!

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AUSIA Mountain Expedition

Hey Ice Warriors!

The Mountain expedition is back! This Friday, Icey took our stronk AUSIA division on an expedition, leading us to the top of the mountain! Check out the pictures below!

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Practice Battle vs Water Vikings

Hey Ice Warriors!

On Wednesday, we held a massive Practice Battle against the Water Vikings! Were you able to attend? If not, check out the pictures below!

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Cops vs Robbers: Divisional Showdown

Hey Ice Warriors!

On Tuesday, our divisions Polar and Blizzard logged on for a fun battle, with the divisions dressing up as Cops and Robbers, respectively! It was a really fun battle, led by our Staff team!

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AUSIA Troop U-Lead

Hey Ice Warrior family!

Today we logged on bright and early with our AUSIA division for a fun Troop U-Lead! Everybody who signed up got the chance to lead the army as the 100% Legit Leader for a couple of minutes! Keep reading this post to see some event pics!

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Practice Battle v.s. RPF & Game Day

Hi Warriors!

Today we logged onto Ascent and spent time with our allies Rebel Penguins Federation! ❤️ After a short battle training, you were able to participate in three different games – Cart Surfer, Ice Finishing, and Dance Contest. Congrats to all winners!

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Practice Battle v.s. HF [EU]

Greetings Warriors!

Today we logged onto to practice battle skills with our allies Help Force who celebrated 5th May (Cinco De Mayo)! Thank you guys for attending! Hope you spent a good time with us! ✨Feliz Cinco De Mayo✨

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