Exposing Ice Warriors [SATIRE]

Disclaimer: This post is purely satire, none of this is meant to be taken seriously :3


Hey Ice Warriors!

The dark ages are among us. This tyranny has gone on for too long and someone must do something, that is why today Alu and Silver will be exposing most of IW, once and for all, the truth is coming out right here, right now, LIVE on the IWNC network.

Starting off we have a dox on our beloved leader, IceQueen, IW’s very own FAKE Elsa. IceQueen likes to think she is the real Elsa but we all know that’s not true, as you can see from the image below, not only is she not the real Elsa, but she is also a bearded man.

Next up, we have the surrender of Melonz in the infamous battle between two of our staff members, Melonz and Josh who are constantly fighting over who is the shortest of the two. After seeing this image, you will see the truth as to who is the shortest and who wins this intense battle.

For this expose, we have a TWO IN ONE type situation!! In this one, both Purple AND Josh have no idea what on earth rice looks like. They claim that it looks like both a child and a sandwich. These two are truly clowns. :clown:

Once again, another leader has been exposed. This time we have DrQueen attempting to steal one of IW’s main mascots, Salem (Subster’s cat). Lucky for us, Subster caught her attempting to do so on the IW Minecraft server just moments before the abduction.

And finally some honorable mentions:

yea that’s your leader…


swirl moment…


Subster is a simp :3

We hope you enjoyed our many IW exposes. We also hope to see you at our upcoming events found in #event-information. With our transfer to CPAB, be sure you create an account on the new CPPS!!


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  2. also CG alu on first post ❤

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