Troop & Staff of the Week: January 24th, 2022

Hewwo Wawwiors of Ice :3

It’s that time of the week again!! With a new tournament coming up, many of you guys have been working hard and your work has not gone unnoticed! Here are the top troop and staff members of last week :3 Continue reading

Weekly Recap: January 16th – 22nd

Good morning bless you Ice Warriors!

I hope everybody has had an amazing week. We had some really fun events, let’s see what we were up to!

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Better Igloos January 2022

Ahoy Ice Warriors! CPR has released more content for the upcoming Pirate Party which I know me fellow buccaneers are excited about. Yarr me maties, walk the plank and dive right into this edition of Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades to see what treasures await ye.

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Troop & Staff of the Week: January 17th, 2021

Hello Ice Warriors :3

Welcome to another edition of troop/staff of the week! This is when leaders and LITs select some of our top-performing troops and staff from the previous week! Maybe if you bribe DrQueen some potatoes, she might give you staff/troop of the week! Without further ado, let’s see who they are!

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Sunday Funday #22

Good morning Ice Warriors!!

I hope you all have a splendid start to your week. As winter break is coming to a close for most of us, we’re left to have high preparations for going back to school. If you feel you may be stressed about coming back, have no fear as I bring to you the 22nd edition of Sunday Funday to relax for a bit!

Here is how Sunday Funday works: every Sunday, a new post will be released where you can play fun games and earn snowflakes ❄️. The games you see may vary wildly both by game type and difficulty!

Alright, let’s go take a look at what games are prepared today.

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Weekly Recap: January 9th – 15th

Hello the iceyiest of the ices!

What a week it has been! So many of you have returned to school, yet so many still relaxing at home. We had some really entertaining events this week, such as the Default Penguin Takeover (my personal favourite), or the Pirate themed events! Let us know what your favourite was, and let’s see what this week had to offer!

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Trivia Thursday #46 | Hall of Fame Edition

Good afternoon Ice Warriors! With the Hall of Fame Inductions Ceremony occurring just last week, there’s a lot to be covered! That’s why today, I bring you a special edition of Trivia Thursday: The Hall of Fame Edition! Very splendid indeed.

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Q&A: Winter Hall of Fame Inductions

Why hello there Ice Warriors,

As many of you know, on Friday 7th, the community held the recent Winter Hall Of Fame Inductions. If you have never heard of it before, let me explain. The HoF Inductions is an event that is held twice every year. It is a time to acknowledge those who have put tremendous effort into the Ice Warriors to make the community better, as well as helping to make it grow larger and stronger. Many well-known individuals such as our past leaders and members of our HCOM/Staff that have shown remarkable dedication to this army have been previously recognized as part of the HoF, and they all deserve the recognition and praise they are getting.

For today’s Q&A, we will be asking all the recent Hall of Famers about how they felt about getting inducted. Did they feel excited? Or did they see it coming? Let’s find out…
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