A Sneak Peek into the Revamped Minecraft Server

Good morning Ice Warriors!

Today we have a special surprise that we know you’ve all been waiting a long time for! Your reporters here at IWNC have teamed up with the Minecraft Mods Team to bring you an exciting, exclusive sneak peek into our server’s revamp for Minecraft version 1.18.1! Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing everything you should know about the server’s update, including new features and plugins, builds, an estimated release date, and even some fun and memorable stories the Mod Team has experienced while revamping the server!

New & Upcoming

Our new revamp server is filled with many new features including new builds, plugins, events, and much more. Now, you might be wondering, what you can expect to see in the new server. Well, I’m here to tell you! Our Minecraft mods have big plans to bring in new plugins and command features to enhance the fun within our world! We plan to add many new custom villager shops, protection plugins where you can protect your own base, a new reward system and much more is to be expected upon release. 



While wondering through our new server, you will discover a brand-new world spawn featuring many of our classic builds such as the Ice Warriors’ castle, Kally’s Spa, Icey’s McDonalds, and even the Ice Family House, all of which have been remodeled. Additionally, there are many new builds including Purple’s Starbucks, an IW-themed Museum, Hotel, and many, many more! Because of 1.18.1’s new terrain generation, our new spawn will also have a completely new, never-seen-before layout. We don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but here are a few preview pictures of the spawn!

Ice Dragon




Memorable Stories


BREAKING NEWS: Melonz’s Pigs invaded Purple’s Starbucks.

As you may know, Purple, our 2ic, has an extreme obsession with Starbucks. She decided to build one for our new revamped server, a place for players to relax and hang out with friends. One day, Melonz and Purple logged onto the server to work on the update, but not much progress was made. Melonz decided to spawn hundreds of pigs and bring them on a class field trip to the newly opened Starbucks. The pigs ordered 1000 caramel Frappuccinos, 40 banana breads, and 10 strawberry acai. You may be wondering why these pigs ordered so much food. Well, our Ice Warriors piggy, Melonz, decided she wanted to sacrifice the piggys, so it was only natural to fatten them up prior to sacrifice. 


Melonz and her pigs




Newest IW Fashion Model: Et3rnal_Vo1d 

Prepared for this year’s upcoming fashion week, Eternal got an entirely new makeover at Kally’s Spa! After the Spa had been recovered from our current, active server and installed into the revamped one, it was then remodeled and reopened once again. Our very first customer, Eternal, rushed to make an appointment with hairstylist Purple and manicurist Subster, purchasing the package deal the spa had offered. Eternal’s new makeover included getting his hair styled and cut, as well as his nails manicured, finishing with a coat of purple nail polish, a fitting choice made on his part. :periodt~3: 

Eternal getting a hair cut

Release Date

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have an exact date of the server’s release. However, we are planning to release the server to a select few around February 14th for beta testing. The majority of the server will be completed, but the Mod Team will still be finalizing minor details such as finalizing the plugin setup, touching up and updating builds, and making sure regional areas are accessible on foot. 

That’s it Players, We hope that you enjoyed our post. Subster, Eternal and I cannot wait for you guys to see the new Minecraft Server… Until then

Don’t Freeze Up


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  1. This is gonna be so awesome!


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