Q&A: CPAB Beginnings

What’s up IW!

Oh boy have I prepared something spicy for you all today. So as you know, CPAB (Club Penguin Army Battleground) has recently been released. This was something we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Oldies from 2020 get to go on a nostalgia trip while those from 2021 get to experience what 2020 IW was like. But what do people truly think about CPAB? Well, let’s find out for this edition of Q&A.

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Trivia Thursday #55

Top of the morning to you Ice Warriors!

I hope everything has been going well. Our upcoming round of March Madness VII has officially been announced, which means another opportunity for the Ice Warriors to prove dominance is just around the corner. Before we get to that though, it’s Thursday once again, so it’s about time I pull up with another edition of Trivia Thursday, with this being the 55th edition. I’ll take a quick moment to congratulate Melonz and Hunter for giving the correct answers to the questions of the previous Trivia Thursday. All previous answers can be found down here: Continue reading

Trivia Thursday #53

Happy Thursday Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone has been doing well or better than last time. If you read or see this, you know what time it is… Trivia Thursday! If you want to get some free snowflakes, you can answer these IW-related questions. But before that, let’s see last week’s Trivia Thursday answers :belliw:

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IW Olympics 2022 Recap Post

Ah yes, the 2022 Sub Zero Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony had recently come by, officially ending the Winter Olympics. During this winter’s Olympics ceremony, there were 10 Olympic Games in the span of 2 weeks. Which amazing team of penguins helped to make the Olympics happen? Who were the competing teams? And who were the top 3 in this year’s Winter Olympics? Find out by clicking continue reading :E7: Continue reading

Q&A: The Hunt for Variety

What is up Ice Warriors!

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day. Have you possibly noticed anything intriguing that has been going on with IW? Well, if not, then allow me to enlighten you.

Over the last few weeks ever since AUSIA Arena ended, the Ice Warriors Staff and Leadership team have been coming up with a variety of new event ideas that troops can find enjoyable and would love to see hosted more often. For this Q&A, I went around asking people that have taken part in a couple of these events what they thought about these events and find out if they were well-received.

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Trivia Thursday #51

Hello, hello Ice Warriors! How is everyone doing today, hope it’s been going well. Another week of Thursday and another.. you know it, Trivia Thursday! This will be the last one before March :0. Before we start our Trivia Thursday, let’s congratulate Melonz on getting all the questions correct! Without further waiting, let’s see last week’s answer and this week’s question:

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Sunday Funday #24

What’s good Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a nice Sunday. We are back once again to bring you another edition of Sunday Funday. With the main IW action revolving around AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition. I figured it would be best if we have a handful of Sunday Funday mini-games dedicated to our outstanding AUSIA division. So let’s hop to it…

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A Sneak Peek into the Revamped Minecraft Server

Good morning Ice Warriors!

Today we have a special surprise that we know you’ve all been waiting a long time for! Your reporters here at IWNC have teamed up with the Minecraft Mods Team to bring you an exciting, exclusive sneak peek into our server’s revamp for Minecraft version 1.18.1! Throughout this article, we’ll be discussing everything you should know about the server’s update, including new features and plugins, builds, an estimated release date, and even some fun and memorable stories the Mod Team has experienced while revamping the server!

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