Trivia Thursday #53

Happy Thursday Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone has been doing well or better than last time. If you read or see this, you know what time it is… Trivia Thursday! If you want to get some free snowflakes, you can answer these IW-related questions. But before that, let’s see last week’s Trivia Thursday answers :belliw:

1) February 27th

2) Purple & Josh

3) 51

4) Da Best, Yoni, Melonz, Luna, Piya, Steve

5) C, Major

Now that we have put that aside, I’ll give a short explanation on how it works. In Trivia Thursday, the winners will be chosen if they got all the correct and is the first three to answer it. And the prize will be snowflakes! From snowflakes, you can buy roles on our #🏦┃shop . These questions can range up to 5 with various questions from short answers, multiple-choice, and fill in the blanks. Let’s see what will be the questions for this week.

1) Who was recently promoted to Command Officer?

2) Which singer does Kally use for her pfp in Ice Warriors?

A) Doja Cat  B) Beyonce  C) Adele  D) Katy Perry

3) When did we host our first event for Music Week?

4) Which army did we have an event with for a puffle battle?

5) True or false, Card Jitsu will be in CPR soon 👀


Will you be able to answer them all? Comment your answers for each of the questions to have a chance on getting free snowflakes. As always, don’t forget to react to our events #🎤┃music-week #🏆┃templar-showdown and attend it if you can! And peace out!


One Response

  1. 1. Mogi

    2. A

    3. Sunday/Monday Ausia

    4. RPF

    5. True


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