Misc Friday #1

Why hello Ice Warriors!

Notice anything different? If you don’t then allow me to enlighten you, what you’re reading right now is a brand new series of weekly articles called Miscellaneous Friday (Misc Friday for short of course). What happens here is that every Friday, we’ll be looking into more than just the #🎨|fan-art channel, but some other channels in the server like #🥗|food for example. Either one or multiple channels will be looked at depending on what gets posted. Let’s start this off shall we? For now, let’s take a look at the recent fan art that has been posted recently. Trust me when I say, you’ll love what you’ll see.

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Fan Art Friday #57

Howdy Ice Warriors!!

It is that time again everyone, Fan Art Friday! Good job this past week guys with the Semi-final round against RPF. So, as the Final round of March Madness against Help Force approaches tomorrow, we are going to take a look into what our artists have been preparing for us over the last week.

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Penguin Style – April 2022

Happy spring Ice Warriors! Many things come with spring, flowers, rain, birds, butterflies and bees. But as always, April catalogues bring May CPR parties! That’s how the saying goes, right? Let’s “spring” right into the catalogue!


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Better Igloos – March 2022

WOOSH! Don’t mind the water, I was just training with some water ninjas in Card Jitsu Water! I hope I didn’t spill water on the catalogue.. whoops. Let’s dive right into the Better Igloo catalogue and see what items we can decorate our home dojos with!

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Trivia Thursday #53

Happy Thursday Ice Warriors!

Hope everyone has been doing well or better than last time. If you read or see this, you know what time it is… Trivia Thursday! If you want to get some free snowflakes, you can answer these IW-related questions. But before that, let’s see last week’s Trivia Thursday answers :belliw:

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Penguin Style – March 2022

…………….. BOO! Did I get you? I snuck up on you guys using my super sneaky ninja skills! I’ve been working on them for a long time, preparing for when Card Jitsu returns to CPR.  I’ll be able to put my ninja skills to the test very soon! This new penguin style contains outfits perfect for ninja training or just having a ninja tea party in the mountains. Keep reading to see what the March catalogue has to offer!

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February 2022 – Better Igloos

Happy Valentines Day Ice Warriors! CPR has given us a little Valentine’s gift; the Better Igloos catalog! This year I’m spending time with my Puffle friends and having lots of snacks with them! Speaking of Puffles, there’s lots of Puffle-themed furniture in this catalog so let’s waddle right in shall we?


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Penguin Style – February 2022

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak!!

Ah! Sorry my Puffle started to write the post when I wasn’t looking but I think that roughly translates to; Puffles are returning in CPR! I’m very excited to see my fluffy friends again and this month’s edition of Penguin Style has many Puffle themed outfits for us to celebrate with! Let’s see what kind of items they have in store.


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