Penguin Style – March 2022

…………….. BOO! Did I get you? I snuck up on you guys using my super sneaky ninja skills! I’ve been working on them for a long time, preparing for when Card Jitsu returns to CPR.  I’ll be able to put my ninja skills to the test very soon! This new penguin style contains outfits perfect for ninja training or just having a ninja tea party in the mountains. Keep reading to see what the March catalogue has to offer!

On the first page you can find: The Tuft, The Chill, The Sidetied Too, The Suprema Diva, The Scenester, The Flouncy, The Messiness and The Spider Poof.

On the second page you can find: Valley Robes, a Sushi Combo, Volcanic Robes, a Sashimi Chef Uniform, Snow Peak Robes and a Yellow Sweat Band hairstyle.

On the third page, you can find: Clear Sky Suit, Tea Ceremony Robes, a Bamboo Hat, a Quicksilver hairstyle, Golden Sun Suit, a Froggy Floaty, the Cinder hairstyle and the Ink Ceremony Robes.

On the fourth page you can find: a Snowstorm Gi, a Stone Ninja Suit, a Fire Blossom Fan and Cold Snap Sandals

On the fifth page you can find: an Emerald Kilt, The Firey Flare hairstyle, Black Sneakers, a Shamrock Dress, The Curly Lochs hairstyle and a Shamrock Skirt.

That’s all for this Penguin Style! Are you excited for card Jitsu to return? If so which element is your favourite, Water, Snow, Fire or the regular card Jitsu? Let me know in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Shadow Cardjitsu 😀

    Blend in with the shadows….


  2. Hi. I know i am banned from your server permanently. I have learned my lesson for what I did to you guys… i still love y’all and you love me because i may be cool and soft.


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