Igloo Furniture Cheats June 2021

Hey Ice Warriors! I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. We just had a post on CPR’s Prehistoric party which you can check out here. Now it’s time for a brand new theme in the June Furniture catalogue! We have two themes for the new catalogue! Music & the Beach! This totally calls for an awesome beach party with all your penguin and puffle friends. Don’t forget the floaties! Continue surfing along this post to find out about all the hidden items in this month’s summer and music-themed catalogue!

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Prehistoric Party Walkthrough

Hello Ice Warriors! As you’re all aware, our rainbow party event was cut super short because of the new update. I promised you guys a post on it so here we are. Let’s hop in our time machine and discover what this party has to offer until July 4th!


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Penguin Style June 2021

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new Penguin Style catalogue for June 2021! It is pride month so do we possibly have some rainbow items? Do we have a hint at what CPR’s next party will be? Let’s find out and dive right into this month’s clothing selection!

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May Furniture & Igloo Upgrades – CPR

Hello Ice Warriors!¬†Today I’m bringing you some new catalogue cheats for this month’s furniture and igloo catalogues! In addition to the May Penguin Style, it’s also a prehistoric theme! In addition to the new igloo and furniture updates, CPR has also released a new feature where you can submit your igloo and get some cool awards if your igloo wins! If you wanna check these announcements out check out the news on the CPR site! There are¬†lots of new items in this months catalogue so let’s jump right in and see what they have to offer

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CPR May Penguin Style

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new Penguin Style catalogue from Club Penguin Rewritten! This month’s theme is: Prehistoric! Let’s jump in our time machine and take a trip back in time to see what this ancient catalogue has to offer! Continue reading

Mountain Expedition CPR

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you a brand new cheat guide for the new CPR Mountain Expedition party. In this article, there will be a step-by-step guide of each puzzle room, where you can buy gear and get free items! Keep reading to see what’s in store for this party.

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April Penguin Style Catalog

Hello Ice Warriors!

A brand new penguin style catalog is out so let’s jump right into those hidden items, shall we?

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CPR March Clothing Catalog

Hello IW!

Today a brand new clothing catalogue was released to go with the Noir Party. Will you be a detective or a thief? Can you find all the froggy hats?

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