Penguin Style – April 2022

Happy spring Ice Warriors! Many things come with spring, flowers, rain, birds, butterflies and bees. But as always, April catalogues bring May CPR parties! That’s how the saying goes, right? Let’s “spring” right into the catalogue!


On the first page you can find; a Microphone, Black Sneakers, Purple Sneakers, A Conductor’s Suit, Red Sneakers and Yellow Sneakers.

On the second page you can find; a Black Bowtie, The Tough Enough hairstyle and Sparkly Emerald Shoes.

On the 3rd page you can find; A Khaki Rocker Cap, Squeak-Proof Shoes, a Green Suede Jacket, a Green Cape, Aqua Untied Sneakers and Headphones!

On the fourth page you can find; A Classic Blue Dress, a Shimmer Diva Dress, a Prom King Tux, an Among the Stars Mint Dress, a Navy Royale Tux, a Night Sky Prom Dress, a Diamond Gown, a Midnight Glamor Dress and a Jazzy Gray Shirt


Well, April Showers also brings Fashionable hours! Get your best outfits ready for the red carpet and strut down the aisle like the ice royalty you are, or become some very annoying paparazzi!

What would you like to be famous for? Let me know in the comments!

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