Q&A: Predicting the Finals (MMVII)


Allow me to get this out of my system first, so if you excuse me. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, WE’RE AT THE FINALS! Apologies for that, but it does give you an idea of how hyped I and the Staff and Leadership team are that us Ice Warriors actually pulled off a win against one of our strong allies, RPF. It’s truly something we want to thank you all for your support given what our predictions from the previous Q&A were like, and we can’t wait to pull off another victory. Speaking of victory, let’s see if we can predict another one for this Q&A, this time for the Finals of March Madness VII. I went around asking IW people once again to make predictions for our next tournament battle. Let’s hop to it.

How well do you think IW had performed in the Semi-finals?

Silver: I think IW performed very well during MM Semis. Granted we were a little asleep in some of the rooms, but some were very nice. Like when we did the triangle form and X forms. Those were spot on. Very good job to everyone who attended March Madness. Now we can get ready for the Finals. WOOOOO IW FOREVER

Subster: It was amazing! I know in past training events, people haven’t brought their A game, but with the Semis, that was one of our best battles ever. I’m excited for us to battle against HF with even more power.

Note from Subster: Peep the current server banner for the Finals!

IW’s Strongest Semis Room

How hyped were you to find out that IW would be pulling off a WIN against RPF?

Purple: Not gonna lie, I was so hyped, I almost cried, but I’m happy we’re moving to the finals.

Maya: AHHHH THATS A GREAT QUESTION !! I was SOSOSOSO excited, I was insanely proud of my IW homies and I can’t wait for the finals so we can kick butt some more ❤

Victory in Overtime

Can you predict how you think IW will fare in the Finals?

Ramen: If we keep up our spirits and our spamming from this past weekend, I think we’ll win!

Clindsz: As the chant goes, I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN! IW has worked so hard recently, and we did amazing and crushed it at the semi-finals. Facing RPF was a huge challenge already for us, and we were able to overcome it and win! I can definitely see us going all the way and taking the trophy. #THREEPEATalltheway 🙏🏻

Cloudy: I think IW can win for this year’s March Madness, with the last AUSIA Arena battling with the Help Force, we were able to move up to the finals. With more troops from US and EU time zone, I believe we’ll be much stronger 💪

Last Year’s March Madness Finals vs ACP

What’s the mindset you want us Ice Warriors to have as we get closer to the Finals?

DrQueen: We have to go into the same mindset like we did last week. Even though Help Force is our allies and we have beat them before in tournaments, that doesn’t mean they cannot overtake us in the Finals. Given what we saw last week, anything can happen. Help Force is REALLY strong with formations and does well with making use of every space available to them to make themselves look bigger. We need to make sure that we cover them to the best extent that we can do. This means we need to spam our tactics like crazy and make sure EVERY troop is awake on Finals. There is no room for error in the Finals as we have to put in 200% more effort in the Help Force battle to beat them like we did with RPF. They also have good maxes during tournament season, so we need as many troops to log on to help us win and make history! Lastly, we need that courage and hope like we did last week. I am sure after last week’s win, everyone’s spark ignited again so this brings more confidence into our troops and hopefully boosted their motivation. We are so close, its the final stretch we just gotta keep going before we are sipping on coconuts in champion’s beach.

A Previous Tourney Battle vs HF

We have one more obstacle in our path known as the Help Force. Like RPF, HF is another one of the current strongest armies, and they always give it their all in battle. I’ll use this to remind you of what makes March Madness a big deal, if we’re able to win this, then we would go 3 March Madness tournaments in a row where the Ice Warriors had came out victorious. Our hopes are quite high for a couple reasons, but don’t be overconfident. Even though we won against the Rebel Penguin Federation with all odds against us, the tournament is not over just yet. The Help Force is incredibly strong, and while we have beaten them before in tournaments, it doesn’t mean we can underestimate them. They still manage to keep battles extremely close. How much faith do you have in IW going for 3 March Madness championships in a row? Let us know what you think down below. Continue to be strong Ice Warriors!



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