TOTW, SMOTW, ROTM: April 4, 2022

Good morning Ice Warriors!

A new week means new SMOTW & TOTW, and a ROTM! All of these individuals have been working so hard these past few days, and we’d like to thank them all for their hard work. With Ice Warriors advancing in March Madness, it is very important to put in extra work to ensure our victory. Congratulations everyone! Thanks for making our semi-finals victory possible!

Troops of the Week: Alex.. & The4spaceconstants

Reporter of the Month: Josh

Staff Member of the Week: Steve.1, Maya & Chris

Congratulations to Alex and Thespaceconstants who have both worked hard this week to attain this achievement. The pair of them attended the most events this week whilst Alex has been an active member in our main chat and Thespaceconstants has made his presence known during our events. Both of them are amazing troops and have a promising future ahead of them in the Ice Warriors – keep up the good work and congratulations on becoming our Troops of the Week!

On behalf of all of IWNC, we would like to congratulate Josh on getting Reporter of the Month for March. Josh has been amazing throughout his time in the branch, always striving to produce quality content and displaying a willingness to try out new things. We are super proud of you.Congratulation and we cannot wait to see more from you.

Congrats to maya, steve and Chris on getting Staff Member of the Week!! All three of them have been giving their best efforts towards helping out this past week. With the semi-final tournament battle today they’ve excelled at helping new troops feel welcome and getting them started in the server, as well as making sure troops are ready for the tournament! Keep up the good work guys :3

Thank you to all of these individuals! We did it, we won. We could not have done it without all of your help. Next week, we will be facing HF in the finals of March Madness. We need everyone working extra hard to make sure we win. Congratulations to all these individuals, thank you for helping us win.

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