Note to CW and NW.

Gord’s Opinion(XD)

Note: This is a message to CW and NW, not a threat or a declaration of war.

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Halloween Party/Elections/Gary Tracker

Iceyfeet Edit2: Our Official Forums are now open! OR (eather link will work).

We will be having a halloween party on Saturday, October 30. Also we will be having elections for the new 2ic, since San retired. Here is the Halloween Party info.


Where: Sub Zero, All Over

When: Saturday, October 30


UK: 7:00 P.M.

Germany: 8:00 P.M.

Greece: 9:00 P.M.


Where: Sub Zero, All Over

When: Saturday, October 30


Eastern: 8:00 P.M.

Central: 7:00 P.M.

Mountain: 6:00 P.M.

Pacific: 5:00 P.M.


All 3ics and Gill must PC me on IW chat to say whether they want to be the new 2ic or not. Eyes will be demoted due to his inactiveness. This means there will be a new 4ic spot open, which will be chosen shortly. Dont forget about the Warriors Tournament on Satuday!

  • When: Saturday, November 6th
  • Where: Outback, Underground Rooms
  • Times:
    • 10:30am PST
    • 11:30am MST
    • 12:30pm CST
    • 1:30pm EST
    • 6:30pm UK
    • 7:30pm Central Europe
    • 8:30pm Eastern Europe
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  • San Chivas`s Retirement Post

    Gill`s Edit : Oh by the way, Im 3ic now  :mrgreen:

    First to start, here is the retirement post by san :

    My time has come, I NEED to retire from IW. I want to give alberto my 2ic spot. I have been very inactive since I have a life. Now with my greetings.

    Gill: You were my best friend here in IW <33 lawl.

    Hersh: Another great friend here!! Go yankees.

    Ruggy: I wish you could of been leader, you had great tactics and you were a great person.

    Artic: Great guys, great future leader.

    Emp: I didnt get to know you at all.

    Gad: Hitler is gay.

    Albert: Good person, hope you do good.

    Gord: Great person, too bad you get angry too much.

    Honk: I didnt got to know you at all.

    Yoshi: YOSHI, YOSHI!!!

    Sofia: Your very nice? xD

    Motox: Good, hell of an awesome guy.

    Jim: Good guy.

    Icey: I liked you back when I was low mod, you promoted me to help you with your spanish, I never liked you after I became 4ic.

    Gtu: You never gave me memberships!!1!

    Nickle: I didnt liked you at first but then I started liking you.

    Gabby: Hope you do good Gabby.

    Zayer: Lol rofl funny name *wary*.

    Magma: Good guy my favorite Fagma.

    Everybody else: F*** off. Neh im jk ,do great here in IW.

    **More To Be Added Later**


    This is just a quick and short post about IWTC. We will be starting it once we can talk to all of the teachers about their schedules. I ask that some teachers that want to help build the IWTC site to comment on this post saying that they would be willing to. IWTC should be up by next week.

    We didnt know it would take this long to talk to all of the teachers/build up the site. Sorry for the wait.

    bye for now,

    ~ Iceyfeet1234

    The Underground Wars-Tournament

    Iceyfeet Edit: Back in 2007 we had Warrior Wars with the original warrior armies. This specifit tournament is mainly for the bigger Warrior armies. Sometime in November I’ll schedule another event like this but for ALL Warrior armies.

    You read it right, I including Vendetta (NW Leader), and Pringy (RFW Leader) will be hosting the 1st annual Warriors Tournament. I remember back in the days there use to be a tournament for all the Warrior Armies. So I, being an advisor of a Warriors army, decided that it was time to host another one, and this time host one for all the new Warrior Armies like NW, CW, and RFW.

    Armies Invited-

    • Ice Warriors- Participating
    • Night Warriors- Participating
    • Watex Warriors- Waiting for Response (Leave a comment on this post if you will be participating)
    • Roman Fire Warriors- Participating
    • Crystal Warriors- Participating

    The reason why we named the tournament “The Underground Wars” is because the battle will be taking place in the Underground Rooms. That being said, in total there are 5 rooms in the underground area which is why only the Top 5 Major Warrior Armies are invited.

    Rooms being used:

    • Boiler Room- RFW Base
    • Pool- NW Base
    • Mine- CW Base
    • Light Room- WW Base
    • Hidden Lake- IW Base

    The point of this tournament will not be to invade an Armies base and claim it but to simply fight each one of these Warrior armies and determine which is the strongest out of all of them. Before the battle begins each army will have  the chance to recruit in the Regular rooms but must go underground half an hour before the battle. It will be forbidden to recruit in the armies bases unless its your base.  As soon as the battle starts they will be free to move rooms and begin the fighting. Heres all the Info:

    • When: Saturday, November 6th
    • Where: Outback, Underground Rooms
    • Times:
      • 10:30am PST
      • 11:30am MST
      • 12:30pm CST
      • 1:30pm EST
      • 5:30pm UK
      • 6:30pm Central Europe
      • 7:30pm Eastern Europe
    • Be on !

    Hopefully the times will give everyone a chance to make it to the battle.


    1. The usual rules apply which include No Bots, No Hacking, No Cheating, No Spying, etc.
    2. The Battle will last 1 hour (60 Minutes)
    3. Everybody for themselves, meaning you can’t team up with another army.
    4. The battles can only take place in the Underground Rooms
    5. No Winner will be chosen, so “Claiming” rooms won’t help you this time.
    6. And Remember to Have FUN!

    (Note to Armies: During the course of the battle try to move from 1 room to another throughout the 60 minutes and try not to fight the same army for the entire 60 minutes. By doing this it’ll make the battle much more exciting.)

    Im hoping that this Tournament gives every warrior army the chance to show their true strength and show the CP Army World what Warrior Armies are truly made of.

    ~ Ruggy, Ice Warriors Advisor

    ~ Pring, Roman Fire Warriors Leader

    ~ Vendetta, Night Warriors Leader

    Restarting the EXP system

    As you can see from the title, I’m restarting the EXP system with some modifications. This is to prevent newbies who just joined 2 hours ago to get temp mod. This time around you get EXP for going to battles and stuff like that. When you reach the top you will take a test. If you pass the test, you’re eligible to become a temp mod. This EXP system doesn’t help with promotions WHATSOEVER.

    Practice Battle/Defense

    Edit: The Ice Warriors are Neutral in the ACP/Nacho War. (Note: Nachos please take us off your list of armies helping you, we never agreed to such thing)

    This weekend we will be having a PB with the Watex Warriors. This is an excellent opportunity for us to improve in our Tactics and improve on being more organized on Club Penguin. Its important that all of you attend this battle as it will prove that we are still one of the top armies in CP. Heres all the Info:

    PB with WW

    • When: Saturday, October 23rd
    • Where: Powder Ball, Snow Forts
    • Time:
      • 11 AM Pacific
      • 12 PM Mountain
      • 1 PM Central
      • 2 PM Eastern
      • 7 PM United Kingdom
      • 8 PM Central Europe
      • 9pm Eastern Europe
    • Be on !

    The times are perfect because it will give everyone who lives in Europe, South America,  and North America the opportunity to attend the battle.

    This weekend we will also be defending Parka. Heres the Info:

    Defense/Invasion of Parka

    • Where: Parka, Town, BE ON IW CHAT!
    • When: Saturday, October 23
    • Time:
      • Eastern: 4:00 P.M.
      • Central: 3:00 P.M.
      • Mountain: 2:00 P.M.
      • Pacific: 1:00 P.M.
      • UK: 9:00 P.M.

    Also, Divisions have been updated. The Medals page will be updated sometime tonight (Friday).

    Make sure to Comment

    ~ Ruggy

    How IWTC Will Work

    Iceyfeet Edit: Some people have been complaing about attending the IWTC and also the School Schedule events. School Schedule events are only 15-30 minutes long. IWTC classes are 10-20 minutes long. Also, if we have a practice battle or war over the weekend, then the School Schedule event will be cancled for that day.

    This post will basicaly explain how the IWTC will work.

    In total there are 4 classes in the member camp and 4 classes in the mod camp.

    Member Camp:

    Each class has 2 teachers and 1 head teacher. You must attend each of the 4 classes once per week. There will be 3 sessions of each class per week, so you dont have to worry if you miss your class by accident.

    Mod Camp:

    Each class has 1 teacher and 1 head teacher. You msut attend each of the 3 classes once per week. There are 3 sessions of each class per week, so you dont have to worry if you miss your class by accident. Note: The mod camp will be more strict with being late to classes than the member camp.

    Now it’s time to post the teacher results!


    IW History:
    Head Teacher: Articsledder
    Teacher: Indigoflare
    Teacher: Gill

    IW Tactics:
    Head Teacher: Gadunka345
    Teacher: Jim430
    Teacher: Wilbur5700

    IW Training:
    Head Teacher: Iceyfeet1234
    Teacher: Albert417
    Teacher: Nelly65

    IW Rules:
    Head Teacher: Honkzo6
    Teacher: Snow Nick
    Teacher: Motoxjohn

    ~MOD CAMP~

    Lead a Battle:
    Head Teacher: Iceyfeet1234
    Teacher: Ruggy

    Show other troops Tactics:
    Head Teacher: Articsledder
    Teacher: Emploneon

    Train other troops:
    Head Teacher: San Chivas
    Teacher: Gadunka345

    I am asking for people to help us rebuild the IWTC site for this weekend. If you want to help out, just comment on this post.

    People helping out:


    War has come home

    bye for now,

    ~ Iceyfeet1234