This is just a quick and short post about IWTC. We will be starting it once we can talk to all of the teachers about their schedules. I ask that some teachers that want to help build the IWTC site to comment on this post saying that they would be willing to. IWTC should be up by next week.

We didnt know it would take this long to talk to all of the teachers/build up the site. Sorry for the wait.

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

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  1. llamas


  2. Bad news, Can’t get onto any Xat, it wants to store information onto my computer, any help?


    • LOL ROFL. All programs store “information” on your computer. When you open up the Internet or go onto Club Penguin, it stores it onto your computer autimaticaly. Xat is asking permission to store a little more information on your computer. It’s nothing bad, about 98% of people on Xat have that same message every so often, and 100% have done it before.


  3. idk the link to iwtc 😦


  4. 4TH yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa



  5. 6! MAN SO CLOSE!!!!! Re19es you were fifth. count the others


  6. i mean 5th sorry

    oh and 6TH


  7. Ooh. What’s the link?


  8. wanna advertise your army site go to http://smlarmynews.wordpress.com
    and add your self to are ranks


  9. Hey Artic
    Can we arrange a meeting?
    This is super important, and sooner your available the better.

    Reach me by email or by comment on the CPR Blog


  10. My time has come, I NEED to retire from IW. I want to give alberto my 2ic spot. I have been very inactive since I have a life. Now with my greetings.

    Gill: You were my best friend here in IW <33 lawl.

    Hersh: Another great friend here!! Go yankees.

    Ruggy: I wish you could of been leader, you had great tactics and you were a great person.

    Artic: Great guys, great future leader.

    Emp: I didnt get to know you at all.

    Gad: Hitler is gay.

    Albert: Good person, hope you do good.

    Gord: Great person, too bad you get angry too much.

    Honk: I didnt got to know you at all.

    Yoshi: YOSHI, YOSHI!!!

    Motox: Good, hell of an awesome guy.

    Jim: Good guy.

    Icey: I liked you back when I was low mod, you promoted me to help you with your spanish, I never liked you after I became 4ic.

    Gtu: You never gave me memberships!!1!

    Nickle: I didnt liked you at first but then I started liking you.

    Gabby: Hope you do good Gabby.

    Zayer: Lol rofl funny name *wary*.

    Magma: Good guy my favorite Fagma.

    Everybody else: F*** off. Neh im jk ,do great here in IW.


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