San Chivas`s Retirement Post

Gill`s Edit : Oh by the way, Im 3ic now  :mrgreen:

First to start, here is the retirement post by san :

My time has come, I NEED to retire from IW. I want to give alberto my 2ic spot. I have been very inactive since I have a life. Now with my greetings.

Gill: You were my best friend here in IW <33 lawl.

Hersh: Another great friend here!! Go yankees.

Ruggy: I wish you could of been leader, you had great tactics and you were a great person.

Artic: Great guys, great future leader.

Emp: I didnt get to know you at all.

Gad: Hitler is gay.

Albert: Good person, hope you do good.

Gord: Great person, too bad you get angry too much.

Honk: I didnt got to know you at all.

Yoshi: YOSHI, YOSHI!!!

Sofia: Your very nice? xD

Motox: Good, hell of an awesome guy.

Jim: Good guy.

Icey: I liked you back when I was low mod, you promoted me to help you with your spanish, I never liked you after I became 4ic.

Gtu: You never gave me memberships!!1!

Nickle: I didnt liked you at first but then I started liking you.

Gabby: Hope you do good Gabby.

Zayer: Lol rofl funny name *wary*.

Magma: Good guy my favorite Fagma.

Everybody else: F*** off. Neh im jk ,do great here in IW.

**More To Be Added Later**

17 Responses

  1. Yes iam nice… *wary*


  2. 2nd, and congrats on being a CPAC Reporter.


  3. good luck


  4. bye san D: ❤


  5. Aww, you don’t love me. But anyways, bye bye and have a nice life.


  6. Nie retirement speech San..I though would say it like that..Except with more cuss.. XD


  7. Hate to see you go San. 😦
    YOSHI! 😀

    I’d try to be more active, but your schedule I’d have to follow is just too much guys.


  8. Bye




  10. i like pie 😀


  11. im a good guy 😀 i love u san


  12. IIM starting to think , san is gay he keeps saying “I like you” or to nickle he said “I hated you at first, but then i started liking you.”


  13. do good gabby?? what da flip.. well i love you maihhh sanzilla!!! (:


  14. bye san! *waves*


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