You’re an Ice Warrior, Aren’t You?

I want EVERYONE to read this post.

Being an Ice Warrior, isn’t just like being in another CP army. Other armies tend to not offer characteristics that troops in IW will need in the real world. This might sound corny but it’s true. Other armies tend to just USE their troops to grow and be big. Some people like that, but IW is different. We’re a different breed of army. Aren’t we?

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Event 7/31 – Moderate Success

Here’s the quick sum-up of today’s event. The Iceberg, is a friend. Haha well we reached a climax at the iceberg and I was fairly happy with the results. We maxed around 20 and averaged around 15. Our tactics needs some work, as we were a bit off and on at times. I really expected more today, but I won’t complain. It was a moderate success.
















Iceyfeet Edit: Thanks for making this post Tes, you reminded me that we need to update our non-member uniform. I’ll get on that sometime this week.

Hey IW,

I decided to quickly write a post on what our uniform is for any new recruits to IW or people who just don’t know what the uniform is. I will tell you both the member and the non-member uniform.

First, the member uniform:

Color: Light Blue

Head: Blue Baseball Cap, Blue Viking Helmet, Any Hair

Face: Blue Face Paint, Blue Sunglasses, etc.

Neck: Blue Cape, or another blue item

Body: Blue Hockey Jersey, Blue Cheer leading outfit.

Hand: Blue Electric Bass, Blue Guitar, Blue Pom-Poms, etc.

Feet: Blue Sneakers, etc.


Now for the non-member uniform:

Color: Light Blue

Head: Blue Propeller Cap, etc.

Face: Blue Face Paint, etc.

Neck: Blue Mailbag, etc.

Body: Ice Cream Apron, Free Code: DSKYRIDE

Hand: Blue Book, etc.

Feet: Brown Pirate Boots, etc.


Well that is pretty much it. If you don’t have any of these items just wear something blue.


The Tale Of Mara (PART 9)

As I stood on the ground I couldn’t stop crying. Then I noticed a hand on my shoulder. It was Icey’s hand.

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Active Count *Must Comment*

Hello Troops!

Well since the Legends Cup is over, for us at least. It’s important to re-balance ourselves. This will be done with an active count. Simply fill out the form below and your name will be secured on the ranks. If you fail to comment, your name will be taken OFF the ranks. Here’s the form:

1. Club Penguin Name

2. Rank in the Ice Warriors

3. How long you’ve been in the Ice Warriors

4. Your activeness scale 1-10


Legends Cup Results.

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Ice Warriors Lols Week 1

Howdy Iw, click read more to view this week’s Lols!

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