100 Days Of Fire – A Story


Journal Entry

¬†The first day of BA’s conquest has begun. The first fights have broken out, and the citizens of Below Zero are getting frightened as they, or shall I say, we, see BA’s strike force charge towards our city. Im in a silent panic as my child¬†waddles to my side, an orphan I adopted who’s 2nd birthday was only two months away. The Pirates are going door to door, dragging men and women out to put in what Waterkid calls “Concentration Camps” , As a memorial to his Great Grandfather, Hitler. I walk over to my wife, and were crouching in fear of what’s going to happen next. The Pirates kick open our door and demanded for us to come out from hiding or be killed. I tell my wife to go out, and that I’ll find a solution to this. I go in the back of our bedroom, open the closet, and pull out a small handgun, for which I was not going to just let me and my wife die in the hands¬†of these monsters. I walk out, normally as I would anyday, and glance stares at the pirate troops pointing guns towards me, my child, and my wife. What happened next surely must’ve shocked my wife and I, because out of nowhere, the gunfire began, and the Pirates in front of us, one by one, fell, dead. We had no clue what had happened, but we just knew that someone was looking out for us. Someone who cared for us, and our people.

It was an Ice Warrior.

We were in the middle of a meeting with all CP armies when all hell broke loose. You see, each army¬†had two representatives, and Albert had chosen Ben and I to attend, and once we got there, the tension in the room was unbearable. The glares between ACP’s representatives, Mchappy and Capncook, and LT’s representatives, Ioioluk and Roberto. As the meeting began, and Blue1 gave the results of the top 10, Ioioluk,¬† said out of nowhere that he’d kill ACP and “their puny army”, And that they were going to pay for what they did only years ago. That’s when things got out of hand. Roberto and Ioioluk pulled out Uzi’s and started spraying the ACP rep’s with bullets. Luckily enough though, they got into cover just before they could shoot, but that didn’t save the AR representative, Lord Jay, from being hit by 2 –¬†3 bullets. He fell to the ground, frantically gasping for air, and shouting for an ambulance. At that given moment, AR was in a peaceful stage, so being shot at and injured was un-heard of for AR soldiers, even for their 2ic. Blue1 immediately ordered for Ioio and Rob to leave the room or be killed at once, and so they left. But that wasn’t¬†the end of it. Only later would LT discuss a plan to destroy ACP and their allies, along with the help of DW, CPPA, and ST.

After the meeting, Ben and I drove back to Sub Zero to report the news to Albert, and what had happened in the conflict. Once we got there, we saw that the nation was in chaos. We were already being raided by LT, and littered on the floor were Yellow paint splatters, and torn up IW flags. I watched in disbelief on what had happened to our capital in such short time. Ben pulled up to the large Head Quarters, which looked pretty beaten up. The windows were shattered, and the doors were kicked in. When we walked in, the front reception desk was lit on fire.  I opened the door to the Stairwell, only to see dead bodies all over the stairs.

They were Ice Warrior soldiers.

I look over to Ben, but all I notice is a blank expression in his face. He was shocked, and so was I.

“How is this possible… Couldn’t we have… Fought back and won?”

“Aqua it isn’t as simple as that. We aren’t used to war, and every now and then when we go into war, we aren’t ready. Though, even with that being said, im with you. This seems impossible… yet it happened.

“Wheres Albert? We need to find him imme-”

Right at that moment, we hear a moaning noise coming from inside the rubble. We sift through it only to see Christohper1, laying in a pool of blood, with his severed arm next to him. The scene was too devastating to look at, and almost immediately, I turned away, ready to puke. Ben, on the other hand, reached down to help Chris. He picked him up and carried him on his shoulder back to the truck.

“I’m going to attempt to sew back Chris’s arm, Aqua. In the meantime, check the building for more survivors. But take this with you, you’re going to need it.”

Ben throws me a MP14, and I begin to walk up the staircase to get to the next level. On the floor, there were several dead bodies. I walk up to the 4th level, and I noticed two figures moving. It looked like they were tying someone up. I walk closer to the room they were in, and notice that they were burning several bodies.

And those burning bodies were still burning. And screaming.

The sight of it made me sick to my stomach, and I began to throw up. The two men heard the noise, and walked out the door and saw me. They were wearing IW uniforms.

“W-What is this?” I ask, holding the gun tightly in my hand

The hall goes silent, and out of nowhere, one of the troops hits me with a baseball bat, which makes me collapse. I can still get a glimpse on who they are, and I finally figure it out.

My eyes are beginning to blur out, and I can only utter out this last word before I faint.


4 Responses

  1. wow. nice story. this is violent. I LOVE IT!!!


  2. Interesting and that cliffhanger nice. Always the blood and the viloence lol, glad to see that you’re back to writing stories Aqua.


  3. …..can I have my arm back? XD you better not make me die


  4. aqua that was awesome I WANT TO BE IN IT!!!


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