Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Ice Warriors Hall of Fame. This page consists of the most well known and experienced members that have participated in this army dating back to 2007. Many of the people here have not only made a mark on the Ice Warriors, but also the army community in general. Without these legendary Warriors, Ice Warriors would’ve never succeeded. For that we will forever remain grateful.

Below are 5 different categories that explain the impact the member had on the army.


This is the highest title any Ice Warrior could achieve. Holding this title means they’ve done absolutely everything in their power to build this army. They’ve created multiple golden ages and dominated the community. They hold countless tournament victories, won multiple wars, and single handedly changed the army in the best ways possible. Notorious both inside and outside the army for their techniques and achievements. They have accomplished everything they possibly can and for these reasons and many more is why they’re known as Mythic.


Legends are Warriors that have put the army before anything else for many years. Legends spent countless days and nights improving IW to the best of their ability. Their loyalty knows no bounds and neither does their vision for IW. They’re loved and respected by their peers and heavily looked up to by new members. No matter the rank they held, they made sure everything was properly being done or if anyone ever needed help. Their legendary acts have influenced many, and for that they hold the title of Legend. Legends live forever.


Icons helped pave the way for the army in many ways, sometimes in the ownership (Staff) supporting the leaders, or even leading themselves. They made a name for themselves within the army and community and doing so showed others that if you continue to work hard nothing is impossible. Known and revered throughout the community and IW is why they have earned the title of Icon.


The title of Champion is given to those who have worked incredibly hard over the years. They have done their best to support the army in any way they could. No matter their rank, they stood tall and were proud to known as Ice Warriors. These people are the reason this army continues to be the strongest out there. Champions of the people.


*Note: Everyone added must be approved by the Blue Lotus*

 ★ = Army Legends


Iceyfeet1234 [Creator – 2007 through 2022] 

Andrew24 [Old & New Generation – 2008, 2009, 2015, 2017, 2020] ★

Ghost [Old & New Generation – 2010, 2015, 2020]

Regan [Old & New Generation – 2010, 2015, 2020]


Ice Burgh 24 [Founding Father – 2007]

Ephris [Founding Father – 2007]

Hillman [Founding Father – 2007]

Drumline [Founding Father- 2007]

Sriv007 [Founding Father – 2007]

Rugrat93 [Old Generation – 2008]

Spyguy202 [Old & New Generation – 2009,2015,2020]

Articsledder [Old Generation – 2011]

Albert417 [Old Generation – 2012]

Kingfunks [New Generation – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017]

Ben [New Generation – 2015, 2020]

Shinde [New Generation – 2019, 2020, 2021]

Madhav 2 [New Generation – 2020]

Erick09 [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

LawCorazon [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

Orange [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

Kally [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

DrQueen [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

IceQueen1020 [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]


Penguin24800094 [Old Generation – 2007]

Lorenzo Bean [Old Generation – 2007]

Bearsboy10 [New Generation – 2013]

Tes7 [New Generation – 2014]

Surferboysc [New Generation – 2014]

Albc [New Generation – 2014]

Gtudsd [New Generation – 2014]

Frozen Zuke [New Generation – 2015, 2020]

Final Chaser [New Generation – 2015]

Spikey [New Generation – 2015]

S Cargo2 [New Generation – 2015, 2020]

Agent 11 [New Generation – 2020]

Alex [New Generation – 2020]

Freedomist [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

Levelz [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]


Plumshake [Old Generation – 2007]

Knight290 [Old Generation – 2007]

Tilgen [Old Generation – 2007]

Filppers7 [Old Generation – 2007]

Bubblewrap90 [Old Generation – 2007]

Escargo [Old Generation – 2008]

San Chivas [Old Generation – 2008]

Leria [Old Generation – 2008]

Indigoflare [Old Generation – 2008]

Sofia011 [Old Generation – 2008]

Soccerfan8 [Old Generation – 2008]

Sokka25 [Old Generation – 2009]

LionP [Old Generation – 2009]

Gjhdhgfgkutf [Old Generation – 2009]

Hershey658 [Old Generation – 2009]

Honkzo [Old Generation – 2009]

Polarpen98 [Old Generation – 2009]

Ramz3000 [Old Generation – 2009]

Funkikiflurry [Old Generation – 2009]

Gill1097 [Old Generation – 2010]

Nickle37915 [Old Generation – 2010]

Johnnylumber [Old Generation – 2010]

Magma781 [Old Generation – 2010]

Gadunka345 [Old Generation – 2011]

Mortico [Old Generation – 2011]

Aquabluejet [Old Generation – 2012]

Ravenpaw [Old Generation – 2012]

Barry360 [Old Generation – 2012]

Gordy [Old Generation – 2012]

Flurrz [Old Generation – 2012]

SnowSkitter[Old & New Generation – 2012, 2020 – 2022]

Lemonade1Sonic [Old & New Generation 2011, 2020 – 2021]

Totopup [New Generation – 2015]

SirAndrewx [New Generation – 2015]

Aquamarine [New Generation – 2015]

Daisy Bloom [New Generation –  2015]

Firestar [New Generation – 2015, 2020]

Kay [New Generation – 2019, 2020]

Dizzy [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

Crisy [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

Kristina [New Generation – 2020, 2021]

qt Ben [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

Purple [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

JoshC [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]

Clindsz [New Generation – 2020, 2021, 2022]


All of these people have certainly made a dent in the history of the Ice Warriors. Everyone should be celebrated and honored, for they have created not just an army thousands have participated in but one of the greatest families we have all been a part of.

Many of these Warriors grew up together and played a game we all hold dear to our hearts, memories that will forever be ingrained into our brains. We’ve all had our fair share of arguments with each other, but no matter what, we were and still are Ice Warriors forever.

So if you’re on this list: Congratulations! Thank YOU for making this family special Your hard work and dedication will never be forgotten. Your name will forever be in the history books.

If you’re not on this list yet: Work your absolute hardest but have fun doing it. The army is about kicking back with friends and making fun memories. Help others when needed, recruit when you can, and most importantly, always remain loyal. Be innovative in everything you do. You will find yourself on this list when the time has come. Until then, enjoy the ride.


*Note: To be added to this list, you must serve 1 complete month as Leader*

Iceyfeet1234, IW Creator and 1st Leader

Albert417, 2nd IW Leader

Bearsboy10, 3rd IW Leader

Tes7, 4th IW Leader

Surferboysc, 5th IW Leader

Kingfunks4, 6th IW Leader

Albcoolio, 7th IW Leader

Gtudsd, 8th IW Leader

Andrew24, 9th IW Leader

SpyGuy202, 10th IW Leader

Ghost, 11th IW Leader

S Cargo2, 12th IW Leader

Tax, 13th IW Leader

Spikey, 14th IW Leader


★★ CPPS ERA ★★


Andrew24, 1st / 2nd IW Leader 

Ghost, 1st / 2nd IW Leader

Ben, 3rd IW Leader 

S Cargo2, 4th IW Leader

Agent 11, 5th IW Leader

Flamez64, 6th IW Leader

SpyGuy202, 7th IW Leader

Regan, 8th IW Leader

Madhav 2, 9th IW Leader

Shinde, 10th IW Leader

Frozen Zuke, 11th IW Leader

Alex, 12th IW Leader

Erick09, 13th IW Leader

LawCorazon, 14th / 15th IW Leader

Orange, 14th / 15th IW Leader

Kally, 16th IW Leader

IceQueen1020, 17th IW Leader*

DrQueen, 18th IW Leader

Freedomist, 19th IW Leader

Levelz, 20th IW Leader*

JoshC, 21st IW Leader*

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