We are all dedicated to this army, but the finest warriors are listed below. Please do not complain, but rather suggest people you know should be up here. Work hard and one day you can be up here.

*Note: All legends should be approved by Iceyfeet1234*



Iceyfeet1234, IW Creator and 1st Leader

Albert417, 2nd IW Leader

Bearsboy10, 3rd IW Leader

Tes7, 4th IW Leader

Surferboysc, 5th IW Leader

Kingfunks4, 6th IW Leader

Albcoolio, 7th IW Leader

Gtudsd, 8th IW Leader

Andrew24, 9th IW Leader

SpyGuy202, 10th IW Leader

Ghost, 11th IW Leader

S Cargo2, 12th IW Leader

Tax, 13th IW Leader

Spikey, 14th IW Leader

★★ CPO ERA ★★

Andrew24 1st IW Leader 

Ghost 1st IW Leader

Ben 2nd IW Leader *

Cargo 4th IW Leader

Agent 11 5th IW Leader*

Flamez 6th IW Leader*

SpyGuy202 7th IW Leader

Regan 8th IW Leader*

Madhav 2 9th IW Leader*

Shinde 10th IW Leader*

Frozen Zuke 11th IW Leader

* – indicates currently leading



Iceyfeet1234: IW Creator, IW’s first Leader, & CP Army Legend (2007)

Ice Burgh 24: IW Co-Creator (2007)

Ephris11: One of the first to be recruited into IW, Co-Leader of IW for 6 months (2007)

Ambrosha: Retired contributor of IW (2007)

Filppers7: 2 1/2 years in IW, retired 2ic and leader (2007)

Hillman: Old leader of IW (2007)

Mr Drumline: Old leader of IW (2007)

Plumshake: Outstanding warrior, achieved the rank of Co-Leader (2007)

Knight290: Youngest warrior ever; joined at age 7 (2007)

Penguin24800094: Dedicated warrior, former leader (2007)

Sriv007: Former leader of IW; 4 year veteran (2007)

Lorenzo Bean: Co-Leader and 3ic; 4 year veteran (2007)

Tilgen: Very young warrior; 4 year veteran (2007)

Escargo: Achieved the rank of  leader (2008)

Rugrat93: Retired 2ic & leader of IW; also advisor (2008)

San Chivas: Dedicated warrior and 2ic; 3 year veteran (2008)

Leria: Retired 2ic and loyal troop for 5 years; outstanding Ice Warrior (2008)

Indigoflare: Retired 3ic & advisor (2008)

Sofia011: First girl to achieve 2ic; also received temporary leader (2010)

Gill1097: Achieved 3ic and successful temporary leader of IW; also received advisor (2010)

Articsledder: Retired 2ic and temporary leader; outstanding Ice Warrior (2011)

Gadunka345: Retired 2ic & advisor of IW (2011)

Albert417: 2nd IW Leader (2012)

Flurrz: Retired 3ic of IW; one year dedicated as 3ic (2012)

Bearsboy10: 3rd IW leader, joined in 2008 (2013)

Andrew24: 9th IW Leader, joined in 2008/2015 (2015)

Spyguy202: 10th IW Leader, joined in 2009/2015 (2015)

Ghost: 11th IW Leader, joined in 2010/2015 (2015)

Totopup: One of the most dedicated IW troops, joined in 2015 (2015)

Daisy Bloom: Dedicated 3ic; 3 year veteran (2015)

S Cargo2: 12th IW Leader, Outstanding Ice Warrior (2016)



  • Iceyfeet1234*

  • Sriv007

  • Lorenzo Bean

  • Gill1097

  • Rugrat93

  • Soccerfan8

  • Gord17

  • Gadunka345

  • Sensei Dan3

  • Albert417

  • Articsledder

  • Magma781

  • Hershey658

  • Wwebestfan

  • Johnnylumber

  • Cece

  • Aln007

  • KingJared7

  • Gtudsd

  • Mortico

  • Bearsboy10

  • Surferboysc

  • Nickle37915

  • Aquabluejet

  • Regan

  • Snowskitter

  • Andrew24

  • SpyGuy202

  • Ghost

  • Daisy Bloom4

  • SirAndrewx

  • Jack

  • Tax

  • Aquamarine

  • Ravenpaw

These are warriors who have served IW for over 2 years and have shown dedication and perseverance during their career.

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  1. i just sent a invite

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  2. boi

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  3. One day

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  4. IW IW IW

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  5. i’ll return soon bois. as soon as i get a new laptop imma log on to discord

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  6. Its an honor to be on the Legends list. Ice Warriors Forever!


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