Raffle Tickets

Welcome to the raffle page! Here you will be able to view how many points you’ve earned for your event attendance. You will also be able to view the prize board below to see what you can earn from earning points. Every CPR event that you attend will give you 1 point. After you earn 4 points they will automatically be converted to one raffle ticket. There are two raffles every month, the first is in the middle of the month and the second is at the end of the month. All your tickets will automatically be entered in each raffle. Leftover points that weren’t converted to a ticket will be saved for the next raffle. Special events will earn you extra points!

You can see the current amount of points and tickets you have on this chart. The amounts will automatically update themselves:

To find your name easier, click the ‘ CTRL + F ‘ keys on your keyboard, then search for your Discord username.



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