Ice Warrior Party [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto Sub Zero to celebrate our 1 million site views! The first five minutes we took pictures in a circle formation at the Town. After that we went to Dojo, Ski Hill, and Ski Attic to play games. We maxed 36 and averaged 35. Pictures Below:



Hello Chant

That is all i have!

Great job Ice Warriors,

make sure to attend the huge battle on Sunday.

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

Week in Review (02/22/15 – 02/28/15)


Hey Ice Warriors,

Last week, we got banned from the Top ten for false claims but this week we are back and ready to claim a spot in the Top 3. Amazing week IW! Lets hope we can do better in March. Read on for the week in review!

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Troop of the week #1

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Battle vs UMA [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto the server Mammoth and had a fun battle vs UMA. We maxed 26+ and averaged 17 and hit a total number of 30 troops throughout the entire battle which lasted over an hour. Props to UMA for sticking that long.

(I only have 2 pics of the battle which were at the 45 mins –  hour mark, as i lost the rest on accident)

Pic of max size of 26:


Ok chant

UK Training Session [Results]

Hello Ice Warriors,

Today we logged onto Sub Zero and had a very nice UK training session. We maxed 25 and averaged 22. Pictures Below!






Hey, Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto our capital server Sub Zero to face the Dark Warriors in a practice battle and we did very well! We also had excellent tactics and great formations, good job today Ice Warriors proud of all that attended! Don’t forget attend the big event tomorrow and comment if you attended this great battle!

We the Ice Warriors averaged 25 and maxed 28 in this event.

Decent Uk Training Session

Hello Ice Warriors,

Average : 14+

Tactics : Great

CPAC March Madness III [Battle 1 Times – All IW Attend!]

❗ CPAC March Madness III [Battle 1 vs Matricz Of CP] ❗

Date: Sunday, March 1st 2015

Server: Klondike II Room: TBA


7:00 PM UK

2:00 PM EST

1:00 PM CST

12:00 PM MST

11:00 AM PST

❗ Promotions if we get 50+ on CP ❗