Troop of the week #1

Hey IW,

Troop of the week is now back after a pause for a few months! This week everyone has been working so hard so it was hard for me to decide but eventually, I came to a conclusion.

This week Troop of the week goes to…


Evolution has recently earned Temp Mod. He has been doing really well so far! Evol has been recruiting everyday and has done a great job in attending as much battles as he can. Congrats Evolution and I really hope you get your promotion to mod.

That’s all for Troop of the week! See ya next time!

~Sammie~ (IW 3ic)

4 Responses

  1. Congratulations Evolution! You have been doing great in the army so far amd hope that you stick with us. You are truly a great, hard working troop. 🙂


  2. Gratz Evolution!


  3. I chose Evolution because he is a great temp mod and he enforces rules and recruits many many times.


  4. Well don Evo I appreciate your work and have done the best for the army and have proved yourself. army on!:D


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