US Recruiting Session Numero Uno

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European Recruiting Session 30th of September

Hallo my dear Ice Warrior chickens. Today we had an European Recruiting session. We mostly recruited and did some tactics. We managed to max 13 and average 10. I say that was a pretty good start of the week. Make sure to attend the events that you can, but if you happen to have 4 hours worth of homework like me it’s ok if you miss an event. Not any more left to say except have a nice day. Hey that rhymed.


-Marabubamara IW 2ic.

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9/29/13 – PB vs DW – Ends With a Victory!

KLONDIKE, Neutral Territory-  It was a good battle as we took on the high-ranked Dark Warriors in a practice battle today.  I didn’t even expect us to win, but we gathered together under the banner of our leader and took them on and managed to come away with a victory.


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September Promotions

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9/27/2013 – PB vs AR Results

Hey guys, we had a very fun battle today against the Army Republic.  It was very close and we ended up deciding it was a tie.  I want to thank AR on behalf of IW for making it as competitive as other armies do.  Let’s all remember that practice battles are just practice battles, and the result won’t reflect badly on either army.  It’s just a way to keep troops active and to have fun.   Click Read More for more information about the battle.

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Champions Cup II First Battle

Ben’s Edit: We got 27 on CP on Saturday against DW, I bet if we get 30+ at this event there might be a special something that a certain leader might give out. NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK

Okay, the opponent we will be facing in the Champions Cup has been posted. Our opponent is:

The Lightning Strikers

Date: October 5th, Saturday.

3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST

8:30 PM GMT

Let’s crush this army!