Hello! You are probably questioning the title. Good, because you wanted to read on. I have devised a creative way to bring motivation back to Ice Warriors. This is a month list of fun “holidays” in Ice Warriors. You do not have to participate. It is simply there for fun. If you think this is childish or dumb, don’t bother commenting. I can tell who will complain. Behold, the months for Late September and October! Now, if you don’t want to participate, listen up. There’s a prize to go along with it.

Person who does their best in participating compared to everyone in all holidays wins 200 xats. Second place recieves 100 xats. Third place recieves 50 xats. Do not ask where this wealth comes from. That is top secret. Have fun!

September 29- Noob Day! You will have the ability to act stupid and noobish. If it annoys the leaders, bonus for us!

October 1- Cookie Awareness Day! You will be taught by random people of interesting facts about cookies. (Not just desserts, but cookies in computers as well!)

October 9- Troll an Owner Day! This is your opportunity to annoy owners. If they ban you, then they’re breaking the rules. However, you’re not allowed to scare them, swear, spam, or smiley spam. Think creatively.

October 14- Draw a picture Day! Send us a picture and we’ll upload it on the site! There’s obvious rules like no inappropriate text or pictures. Please keep pictures PG rated. No violence is permitted.

October 20- Club penguin Raid Day! We will be raiding 5 bar servers and crash parties. We’ll be the baddest army around!

October 31- Halloween! Have fun and trick or treat. Spooky surprises may arrive to haunt you forever! Sorry for the cheese puns.

HUAHUAHUAHUA Alicia was here.

6 Responses

  1. What the hell Alicia? “Huahuahua”


  2. why was this post deleted? (wary)


  3. I wanna join


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