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Ice Warriors: CPA Status

As of 13/03/2023 Ice Warriors will be ceasing its operations as a Club Penguin Army. We will be transitioning into a Gaming / Club Penguin Hangout server.

Due to the recent turn of events that many of you are aware of, the Ice Warriors’ Leadership and Advisory team have decided that it is in Ice Warriors’ best interests to shut down as a Club Penguin Army.

Our Gaming and Community events will continue running as normal. With this transition, we plan to have even more game events with promo points so that you are still able to rank up as normal on the discord server! If you haven’t already, remember to get your game roles from the #role-menu discord channel!

Thank you to every single one of you who has supported Ice Warriors throughout our entire CPA journey in the CPPS era. If you have any questions, please send me a DM on discord.

❄️💙love you all forever and always, don’t forget to love yourselves 💙❄️

IW Expose posts: IceQueen’s Official Statement

I’d like to start off by apologising for the mistakes regarding the ‘Slave Contract’ joke and being ‘Icey’s Slave’. The jokes did not have any racist or malicious intentions. From what has been highlighted in Swirl’s post and by being a person from an ethnic minority myself, I understand that the jokes made could be seen as being insensitive to slavery and I’d like to apologise to everyone that has been offended or hurt by it. I can assure you that this was the only instance in my knowledge where a ‘Slave Contract’ was made. 

To give some context, ‘Icey’s slave’ is a big meme in the Staff Team that I heard about from 2020 and people would joke about being ‘Icey’s slaves’, and being sent to the ‘recruiting mines’ to recruit. To this day people joke about it and it wasn’t seen as something intending to mock slavery or to be insensitive to slavery at all. I’d like to make you all aware that the explanations below are not defending the jokes in any way. I have included it to explain to you all how the ‘Slave Contract’ joke came about in the first place.

In January this year, Jojo jokingly asked:

You can follow the conversation that happened in Mainchat, here is the link:

https://discord.com/channels/656680095892766730/813055105078657045/1067571380046004244 . I will also post screenshots from the IW Mainchat so you can see how the ‘Icey’s slave’ joke unfolded in mainchat:

In response to Jojo asking about the ‘slave procedure’, I made the ‘Slave Contract’ as a complete joke. Here is a link of when the Slave Contract was posted in IW mainchat where you can find full images regarding it: https://discord.com/channels/656680095892766730/813055105078657045/1067961632334024724

Every single part of this ‘Slave Contract’ was intended as satire. I’d also like to address the line about ‘Prior’. That was another inside joke between myself and Jojo and I didn’t put thought into it at all when I wrote it in the ‘Slave Contract’. I understand the uproar from the community from seeing Prior referenced in it and I apologise for this as well. I hope the explanations above gave some clarity on how the ‘Slave Contract’ you saw in Swirl’s IW expose post came about.

Additionally, I’d like to explain the accusation made in Swirl’s article about how the ‘Slave Contract’ jokes were ‘similar’ to things said by another banned troop:

The ‘Slave Contract’ and jokes about being ‘Icey’s slave’  were not similar in any way at all to the jokes made by the troop in the above screenshot. The banned troop made fun of slave trades and plantations and did not understand the warnings nor did they stop after being warned. Below are the screenshots from IW Mainchat:

I’d also like to clarify the screenshot that Swirl conveniently cropped and used out of context in his article responding to Icey’s statement:

Below is the full screenshot:

Josh dmed me about people calling ‘October’ his ‘alt’. I told Josh to ignore those ‘alt’ comments. The reason for this was that during the times of this screenshot, there were several complaints in October / November from members of staff and troops that were being taunted and teased by Swirl, Clout, etc.

I’d like to end this statement by saying that I truly apologise for the mistakes I have made. I hope this statement has clarified the accusations that I was given.

In regards to the allegations about Subster and Josh, both of them have been removed from the Ice Warriors Server.

A further update will be given on Sunday after a meeting with my Staff Team regarding IW’s status as a CP Army.

Thank you for reading.

Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: February 6th, 2023

Bonjourno amigos!!! You know what time it is!

This week has been busy, which is not always bad because we got #1 on the top ten armies of the week!! Good job this week everyone 😀 and today we have a brand new title! Let me introduce… Games Host of the Week! Without further adieu, here are our Warriors of the Week!

Troop of the Week: Erin

Staff Member of the Week: Sebzy

Recruiters of the Week: Disha and Icey

Games Host of the Week: Jay

Lets start with congratulating our Troop of the Week, Erin! Erin has been active in our main-chat this week and has been attending most of the events, whenever he could. Good job this week, Erin.

Let’s talk about how our avocado Staff Member of the Week, Sebzy, has been doing this week. First of all last week Sebzy only attended two events while this week he attended five, that’s a big jump. He also hosted a Roblox Murder Mystery event for yall to enjoy, and he has also been active in the chat this week. Cg Sebzy 🙂

For our Recruiters of the Week, we have Disha and Icey! They both recruited lots of people into the Ice Warriors this week and are one of our best recruiters out there. That also helped increase our sizes during events. Thanks for your hard work 😀

Lastly, we have our brand new first ever Games Host of the Week, Jay!!! Jay and I hosted this week a really successful Roblox event that many of you came and enjoyed, and Jay did an amazing job at hosting this! Good job jay 😀 you deserve this!

That’s it for this weeks Warriors of the Week! We are very proud of everyone’s efforts this week that led us to being #1 army of the week. Keep it up guys! See yall next week and don’t forget to DREAM BIG DREAMS 👑 

Get to Know IW: Mogi4 (Our Newest LIT)

Hello Ice Warriors! Ice Warriors News Center is officially back! For our first article back, we decided to interview our newest Leader in Training, Mogi4 in our newest Get to Know article, which we haven’t done in quite some time! Before we begin, I would like to congratulate him! He has been working extremely hard for this promotion and we look forward to seeing what he’ll bring to the IW community! Now let’s begin our interview.

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What really happened during my IW journey

Hello Ice Warriors!

I figured I should present this at some point, I wanted to have a typed out speech when I got to Leader as a tribute to an old one I did back to when I got Leader in Training. I figured having it as an IW article is the best way for me to express my gratitude for you all!

A month ago, New Years Eve, is when this happened. Side note, I really got promos for Leader in Training and Leader on Holidays hmm?

You could tell I was mad surprised of this, me beginning this journey back in May 2020 and the long term goal to become an Ice Warriors Leader had finally been achieved on the literal last day of 2022, what a way to end the year off right? Anyways, I’ve typed this out because I want to give you all an insight of how I had felt to be an Ice Warrior and what madness went on during my IW journey.

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Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: January 29th, 2023

Hello there, Ice Warriors! It is I, your amazing new LiT!

It’s been a while since we had one of those, but we will start having this more frequently from now on. Since the start of the year, we have seen many staff members contribute and make the Ice Warriors grow. Hard work and teamwork make the dream work maxes grow! With that being said, here are our Troops/Staffs/Recruiters of the week, or should I say, month!

Troops of the Week: Frickle, Jerry, Nalvo

Staff Members of the Week: Chek, April, Glaceon, Luna, Disha

Recruiters of the Week: Icey, Disha, Jakob

First of all, let’s congratulate our Troops of the Week! Frickle, Jerry, Nalvo! They have all been attending club penguin events frequently and you see them pretty often in the main chat. You four make IW an interesting and fun place to chat in. Thank you for being active and engaged, you deserve this title.

Second, we have our Staff Members of the Week! Chek, April, Glaceon, Luna, Disha! These five have been putting a massive amount of time into the army and have worked really hard doing the staff duties. Other than that, they have also been attending events frequently. Thank you for contributing so much to the army 😀

Lastly, we have our Recruiters of the Week! Icey, Disha, Jakob! They have been recruiting many people into the Ice Warriors this month and bringing in lots of new faces to the army! They are one of our best recruiters, and without them, the Ice Warriors wouldn’t be the same.

This wraps up this week’s Troops/Staffs/Recruiters of the week! Please congratulate them in our #💬┃main-chat when you see them around! Congrats to all of you and thank you for your hard work. See ya next week!


Time to Freeze Dry the Waves

Hello Ice Warriors!

In a strange turn of events, the Ice Warriors are officially declaring war on the Water Vikings! Want to know what lead to this? IW 2nd in command Purple alongside Leaders IceQueen and Josh have put together a post that shows the mean actions caused by these so called Water Vikings!

We won’t be taking any L’s thank you very much!

And here’s jojo spamming the hell out of IceQueen

Clearly, we’ve had enough of their nonsense, and Leader IceQueen is already prepared to fight back!

Here are the War Terms by the way:

Any instance of multilogging or getting assists from allies will result in an automatic loss of the war.

In case you haven’t figured out yet, yes this is just a joke lol. We always love our allies…well…most of them. Jojo and Sip are very lame.

especially jojo…

Anyways, enjoy the rest of your day/night Ice Warriors and remember…


Troop / Staff Member / Recruiter of the Week: December 30th, 2022

Hello Ice Warriors!

Since the CCXII Tournament started all the troops and staff have worked hard as a result we made it into the semi-finals! Hard work has made a good result for us this year :iwsalute:. With that, we’ve made some lists of people has been active for the last month of the year!

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