Recipe Contest Results


Create your own Ice Warriors’ themed recipe! Regan’s Smoothie? Shinde’s Ice Burger? :Ice_burger: Let your creativity run wild!


This contest will have TWO winners! One will be picked by the judges, and the second one will be chosen by community vote!

Judges: Kally, Tomaro, Kayles, Panini, Flamez

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Practice Battle with RPF! [AUSIA]

❄️Stay Frosty ❄️

Today we logged on Alaska for a practice battle with our brother allies, Rebel Penguin Federation in AUSIA times! We did really amazing even though we had size disadvantage. Our quick tactics & bombs were the ones that we could appreciate more!

Amazing job everyone, even though we lost we did really good. Thanks to everyone who came!

Max: 53

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Invasion of Skates [US] RESULTS!

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Skates for another land invasion, this time being free land due to the Water Vikings leaving the army league and their map.

We did a 20 minutes event, successfully invading Skates, practicing quick tactics, big and cool formations, amazing bombs and had some fun during it!

Max: 52

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Fan Art Friday #3

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re all having a good Friday! Time to yet again showcase some of the amazing art pieces in our fan art channel on Discord! The talent we have is so amazing, carry on posting guys, next week your art may also be featured! Continue reading

Warriors Showdown: 1st Battle + PB with Fire Ninjas

Greetings warriors!

Today we logged on Klondike for our first battle of our amazing Warriors Showdown! This time our teams were: Team Mike vs Team Sulley!

Also, we had an invited army… the Fire Ninjas! Thanks to everyone who came and stay tuned for the next showdown battle!

Max: 59

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IW Time Capsule: March Madness Semi-Finals

Tournaments take place multiple times a year, captivating the community over and over again. Among the likes of Legends Cup, Beach Brawl, and the most recent Fright of Fight, tournaments are an essential part of army life. With Christmas Chaos just around the corner, Kally and I thought it would be an amazing idea to take a look back at a pretty bizarre moment in both of our careers thus far in Ice Warriors. For this week’s Time Capsule, we will be taking a look back at the infamous March Madness semi-finals.

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Ice Warriors Civil War: 1st Battle

Don’t Freeze Up!

Today we logged on Alaska for the first battle of our Civil War! The event had four rooms to battle with each room being used for 5 minutes! This time our teams were:

Troops + Iceyfeet1234 vs Staff + Staff in Training vs HCOM + Leaders

We did an amazing battle with such good formations, tactics, bombs and of course we had A LOT OF FUN! Here are the results if you missed them:

Max: 64

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CPR Clothing Catalog Cheats – Nov 2020

Here Are This Month’s Clothing Catalog Secrets from Club Penguin Rewritten!

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