Hello Ice Warriors!

At the second event today, we logged onto Alaska to practice new forms and word tactics which were given by our amazing troops! On Funday-Sunday all Ice Warriors members could be a 100% Legit IW Leader. If you haven’t seen how potential future IW leaders look like or if you missed the fun event, check the pictures below!


Thank you guys for coming and leading! Next event on Tuesday! Stay tunned with #events-information channel on our discord server!

Much love and see you around,

Note: *Advisor [S.]

AUSIA PB vs Templars

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on Alaska for an AUSIA practice battle vs Templars of CP. We won 3-0 by a massive size advantage, neat formations and quicker tactics. Amazing job once more warriors!

Thanks for all who came and get ready for our event later today!

Total Max: 38

Make sure to click #event-information for our Troop U-Lead event later today!

Don’t Freeze Up!


Ice Warriors Leader

Emergency Meeting

Why Among Us' Emergency Meeting is the big social media mood - Polygon

Hi, I called meeting to tell everyone that @lawcorazon is the imposter.

Complete all your tasks and don’t freeze up!

Erick09, IW Commander

Ice Warriors PB vs Help Force

Amazing job once more guys. We, the Ice Warriors of CP, still stand as one of the biggest armies ever seen.

Today we logged on Alaska for another practice battle vs Help Force! We won by 3-0 by fast tactics and size advantage, making an amazing battle to watch, enjoy and proving once more how strong we are!

Total Max: 61

Thanks for all who came to our battle! Make sure to click #ausia-events-information for our next battle against Templars! Also click #events-information for our Troops U-Lead Event this Sunday too!

Stay Frosty!


Ice Warriors Leader

Ice Warriors Staff U-Lead

Greetings Warriors! Today we logged on Alaska for a Staff U-Lead event. We practiced tactics, formations, room switchings and more! Also our staff had the opportunity to become a leader for one event, gaining more experience.

Total Max: 41

Thanks for everyone who came and shoutout to our staff! Hope you all had fun

Make sure to click #major-battle for our next practice battle against our major army allies, Help Force.

Kings Never Die,


Ice Warriors Leader

Interview with new Blizzard commander, Orange.

Oranges bedroom, somewhere in Texas.

Blizzard Division are proud to announce the signing of Legendary Tactician Orange from Army rivals Polar. During Oranges time at Polar he has led them to numerous victories in the IW divisional wars. Today We will catch us up on how this transfer came to be.

Regan: First of all, Welcome to Blizzard division, I’m sure you must be excited to join such a historical division here in the Ice Warriors. What are your first impressions on the dark side?

Orange: Ahh blizzard, indeed a division full of so much history and prestige, a division where legends are made. It is quite the honor to be apart of blizzard as it’s nothing short of what I thought it would be – absolutely amazing. I am so excited for this transfer and I can’t wait to see where the blizzard division will go

Orange celebrating the Chaos 2013 LC victory against IW

Regan: Ofcourse, you’ve met the squad already, What do you think of the atmosphere in the Blizzard dressing room?

Orange: At by far surpasses the old dreadful polar dressing room. This dressing room is filled with so much energy, privilege, and happiness. From the indoor private pool, to the tanning beds, all the way to the amazing people, I love the blizzard dressing room. I’m glad that I can now call it hom

Regan: You’re coming in as a commander, do you feel comfortable taking up a bigger role than you had in previous divisions?

Orange: Absolutely, this is the role I’ve been waiting for my whole career and I’m excited to prove to the world that I can and will excel in this position. The world will now see me in my best form

Regan: You’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Penguin Politics, Do you feel learning from these people will have a positive impact on your career?

Orange: Of course, I am so very lucky to have worked alongside the likes of Agent “What’s up” 11, Mr.Madame Hav, Monkey Ben, and so so so many more! These people have impacted me so much, but now I get to work alongside even bigger names which is even more exciting

Regan: Final Question, What do you see for the future of Blizzard?

Orange: Blizzard has been on a losing streak as of late, however with my arrival I am hoping we can turn it around. Blizzard has so much potential to be the best division in all of armies and it’s time we reach our potential! Go blizzard!

Regan: Amazing! any final words?

Orange: Polar is filled with clowns.

Orange will make his Blizzard debut in our next Divisional Practice Battle within the next few weeks. The American international looks great on the training ground and will continue to shine on the pitch.

Divisional PB vs RR [Results]

Hey there Ice Warriors!

Today we logged on for our divisional PB vs Red Ravangers! which resulted in a Polar win! Great job to all that attended!

Max: 45

The rest of this is irrelevant.

Thank you to RR for an amazing PB!

Bumper Car Training + Racing

Nice to see you again Warriors!

Late post, but better late than ever! On Thursday 24th we logged on Alaska to have a big bumper car event! We did a training for about 20 minutes and later we did a 3 rounds racing between all Ice Warriors!

Round 1 winners: Roman, Freedomist and Blushock

Round 2 winners: Clindsz, Spicymind and Roman

Round 3 winners: Clindsz, Roman and Ramenbender

Congrats guys! Thanks for everyone who came and let’s keep having fun

Total Max: 45

Make sure to click #event-information for our next battle coming!

Kings Never Die


Ice Warriors Leader