Q & A: Is IceQueen The Real Elsa, Or is She an Impersonator?

Happy Tuesday Ice Warriors! Today, I asked people some very serious questions. Questions that were so controversial that some people didn’t even answer, or maybe I was lagging and my message didn’t go through. Anyway, I bravely asked questions like; Is IceQueen the real Elsa? If you want to find out the answers continue reading! Continue reading

Q and A: Should you get in Chevy’s Mystery Van?

Hey Ice Warriors!

The week has started and I hope everyone has had a great start! I hope you’re excited about this week’s Q&A! 

Let’s get started so you can learn how people got their nicknames and what they’d do if they got the leader rank in IW! Fun Fact you can see our leaders lead really fast at our next important event #march-madness, we would love to see you all! and now let’s get started with the Q&A.

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Trivia Thursday #9

Hello Ice Warriors,

Who is ready for another Trivia? But first let’s take a look of our new winners. I would like to congratulate Franz and TheNathanBoy for getting all the right answers. I also would like to thank CyrenStorm for participating. With that being said, lets see the answers of the previous questions.

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Q&A: Spring Fever!

Hiya Ice Warriors!!

I hope your week has been good this far! Now it’s time for this week’s Q&A!

Continue reading to find out what some members of the Ice Warriors have prepared for this coming spring break, fun activities, and much more! If you looking for fun spring events, make sure to attend our Semi-Finals in the March Madness Tournament!!

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Q & A: What do you think of Law’s oatmeal soup?

Hey Ice Warriors, it’s time for another Q&A!

Did you attend our special training on Friday? If yes, you probably heard of Law’s weird oatmeal soup. I was wondering what our staff members think about her soup. Find out down below their opinions.

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Q&A: The Battle of the Breakfasts!

Heyo Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having an amazing Tuesday! It’s time for the weekly Q&A! 

Continue reading to find out more about what we all love about Ice Warriors so much, the types of events we enjoy and the winner of the “Battle of the Breakfasts”! Continue reading

Q&A: IW Family Tree Chaos?

What’s going on Ice Warriors,

Lately, there hasn’t been much chaos here in IW. :hmmm: There have been multiple debates about our Ice Warrior family. and what if there were a potential civil war amongst staff? Which would you choose: Noob or Bully? :chaos:
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Q&A: Have you seen Piggy Wiggle?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to the weekly Q&A! Following an exhausting takeover, the Ice Warriors may have gotten rid of the wallet-enthusiasts, but the server has not calmed down, as we now waddle back to CPRewritten. Hopefully, everybody had fun at the reopening event yesterday! This week, I briefly talked to our leaders Erick and Orange about tactics, and also reached out to Crisy for information on the still-missing Piggy Wiggle. Keep reading to find out what the staff members revealed about Staff-life as well!

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