Q&A: A Future of High Hopes

Ayo, what’s up IW!

As you can imagine, this is the era where real life exams have become a top priority among a majority of Ice Warriors members. Some may be done already, but others may still be preparing for theirs to come. This has lately left a notable impact on the Ice Warriors where there’s less activity than normal. However, that doesn’t stop me from believing that the Ice Warriors will bounce back after the exams are over. In fact, I’m feeling incredibly optimistic about IW’s future. In this Q&A, we’ll see why I believe in this, a future of high hopes.

How well do you believe IW is going to fare once activity ramps back up?

Cloudy: From what I can see, the event size will definitely be bigger and much more active than the last few weeks. Hopefully the consistency, whether it’s is a practice battle or themed events, the troops will still be able to continue on getting good forms and tactics before a real tournament or battle starts soon 👍.

Ramenbender: I think well be okay after that. Its just that time of year. Any of us who are teachers, etc will be more available once school ends for the summer too 🙂.

Our Most Recent Event

There are tales of Legends Cup being just around the corner; how do you feel going into LCXII?

Chevy: I think IW will be doing great during LCXII, we just need to do exactly what we did for march madness! We have some great leaders who can reach us to the victory as long as all our troops are equally as dedicated 🙂 So, overall I’d say I’m pretty confident.

Chek: Well, I feel excited about IW participating an upcoming tournament due to our possible commitment of hard work and dedication, but also working together as a team. Hopefully, our hard work will show results and bring the trophy home.

Our Current Trophy for 2022

Do you see the Ice Warriors being successful in the future tournaments, Legends Cup, Christmas Chaos, etc?

HeadChickenWhen it comes to tournaments, the Ice Warriors are always successful! We have won many and it’s a really big accomplishment. Even if we don’t win at times, it’s still nice to know how hard our Troops, Staff, and HCOM have worked!

Alu: Well now that we have CPAB, it’s gonna be a massive game changer, we’ve shown what we can do during March Madness earlier this year, and if we can replicate that and potentially push it further, then I think we have a high likelihood of being successful in upcoming tournaments.

Here’s a Tokyo Drift confidence boost.

Finally, I was able to get an exclusive interview with our newest inducted Leader in Training, Purple.

I know we’ve been talking about this for a while now, but oh my gosh, you are an LiT. How are you feeling going forward knowing IW’s in your hands?

Purple: Not going to lie, I’ve been waiting for this moment since the day I got 2ic, and now that it’s real I cannot believe it.

I know you’ll be amazing bestie; you have so much potential, and a ton of IW believes in you. Will you do them proud?

Purple: Of course, hopefully no one will be disappointed :peaceplead:

A Legendary Promo for a Legendary Person

I should mention a fun fact and it’s that Purple was in fact a prior leader of one of IW’s colonies, the Water Ninjas. Therefore, she’s had at least a little bit of leading experience.

And there we have it. The Ice Warriors have definitely been holding up with acceptable sizes during events. Later on however, it’s bound to get stronger with a handful of things to be considered. Tournament hype is surely to bring higher sizes, and there certainly expectations for those given how March Madness had turned out this year. In addition, Purple being inducted as IW’s newest LiT means that this army’s leadership has gotten even stronger. We’re bound for some amazing performances from her especially due to her past experiences. If you want to see her leading in action, then make sure to attend the next event when you can, but in the meantime, we’ll see you in the next article…


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