Trivia Thursday #61

Salutations Ice Warriors! I hope you guys are all having an amazing week! I know that a lot of us are currently busy with stuff like school exams at this time of year, though I thought it’d be nice to treat you guys to another edition of Trivia Thursday to test your knowledge! Before we get into the new questions this week, we have to give a massive congrats to HeadChicken for managing to get all the questions from last week right! I also want to give a quick shoutout to our trivia expert, Cloudy, for correctly answering most of last week’s questions. If you guys were wondering what the answers were, let’s have a brief look at them now!

1. Any of the following (for joining the MC server): Being in the IW Discord for at least a week, having the Private First Class Rank, a CPAB account, having the Java Edition of Minecraft.

2. False- you don’t have to be a leader to join the Hall of Fame- there have been plenty of people in IW history that joined the HOF without being leaders (you could be one of them someday).

3. Alex and The4spaceconstants

4. Any of the following people: Madhav, Shinde, BEN, LawCorazon, Flamez, Regan 

5. qt Ben and HeadChicken

If you happen to be new to Trivia Thursday, let me clarify the rules for you! For each week, there will a Trivia Thursday post that comes out where you’ll have the chance to earn some easy Snowflakes! In each post, there will be around 5-6 questions that could ask you about history or general knowledge relating to the Ice Warriors! If you’re going to participate, make sure to quickly write your answers down in the comments section below. The first three lucky people that answer all these questions correctly will earn a lot of easy Snowflakes, which you can either use to buy roles on the #shop channel or simply flex about how rich you are on the IW Discord. Enough said, let’s dive into the questions for this week’s edition!

1. When was the last time the Ice Warriors hosted a Polar/Blizzard Division event?

2. True or False: The Ice Warriors were created in July 2007.

3. Fill in the gap: Tes7 was the _____ leader in IW History.

4. Name any Staff Member that was recently promoted in the last 14 days (as of May 19th)

5. When did IW’s biggest noob become Leader in Training?


That’ll have to do it for this week’s Trivia Thursday! Please remember to send your answers in the comments section below the post! Also, make sure to react to the upcoming events on the #iw-study-takeover and #silver-ice-showdown channels if you are able to show up! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your week and to the majority of people in the IW community that are currently busy with exams or work-related things, I wish you nothing but the best of luck!

Ice Warriors Forever!


One Response

  1. 1) April 30 2022
    2) False
    3) 4th
    4) HC
    5) Purple 💜


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