Sunday Funday #28

Hello Ice Warriors! Hope everyone had a good weekend, cause we’re having another Sunday Funday! In this post, we have several games made by our reporters which are Josh and Cloudy. By answering and finishing all the games and submitting them, you’ll be able to get snowflakes :0 Now, let’s see what games we’ll be doing :E7:

First here is Where’s Waldo, but IW. Below you are given three random event pictures alongside a corresponding member in IW to be searched for. How fast are you able to spot each requested member? (Click the picture to zoom)

1. Can you spot Command Officer, Silver?
CPAB User: Silver

2. Can you spot the current 2nd in Command, Cloudy?
CPAB User: Cloudy512

3. Can you find Staff Member, Nanna?
CPAB User: NannaGamer

The next one is a maze game. Find your way out by avoiding from Sussybakacloudy :SusSmirk: and Chunkeymonkeyqueen :chunkymonkeyben: !!

The third one up is Spot the Difference. There are 6 total differences to spot between these two photos of the classic IW uniform. How quickly can you find them?

Last is word search! Find the words from the word bank related to the events that we had last week.

Word Bank


That’s all for this week’s Sunday Funday. Are you confident you have answered all of them? DM either josh🌹#5667 or Cloudy512#1128 to submit all your answers. Remember you need to submit from all games not just one. As tomorrow is break day, rest up and…

DON’T FREEZE UP :iwsalute:


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