Troop / Staff Member of the Week: May 15th, 2022

Hai Ice Warriors :3

Once again it’s time for da Troop and Staff Member of the Week! The members below have worked exceptionally hard this past week towards staying active and helping out the army and fellow members, your hard work has been noticed!

Troop of the Week: Galaxar

Staff Member of the Week: headchicken

Our TOTW for this week is Galaxar! Despite being an AUSIA troop, Galaxar has been trying his best to attend all of our events and is constantly active in the main chat. He was recently promoted to the rank of Major at our promo party earlier today and has reached the third tier for troops. Congrats on TOTW and keep up the good work Galaxar!!

IW’s local Mango Seed enthusiast headchicken has recently made his return to the staff team and is already doing amazing work with his staff duties! Be it attending events, keeping the hype up, helping out troops, HC has been doing his absolute best and is really deserving of the title of Staff Member of the Week! Well done :3

That’s all for this week’s TOTW and SMOTW! If you’d like to be up here next week then make sure to stay active, come to events and help out new troops. Your hard work does not go unnoticed so don’t give up!! Congrats again to Galaxar and headchicken on receiving these titles and we’ll see you all at the next event :3


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