IW Star Wars (part 2)

Disclaimer: This post is purely satire, none of this is meant to be taken seriously :3


Heyo Ice Warriors!

Welcome to the second edition of Star Wars retold by Alucard and Silver.

Quick Recap: In the last episode we left off with our group traveling to the planet Klondike in search of a hard drive containing Icey’s secret plans but upon arriving all they found was a Mandalorian who goes by the name of HeadChicken from whom they found out where Icey is hiding. Now, without further ado, let’s get on with this.

In a galaxy far far away, three droids, R2-D2 (Sebzy), C-3PO (Cloudy), and a Super Gonk (Chek), are captured by a group of Jawas and forced to work for them. These three droids will later go on and become great friends and will later go on many many journeys together.

 ============================ 3 MONTHS AGO ==============================

On Klondike, in the village of Ice Cap, there lived many helpful droids who faithfully served their individual masters. Just off the west end of Ice Cap, lived a ravaging group of people known as the Jawas who were always raiding nearby villages and taking useful supplies wherever they could. To their surprise, the Jawas ended up finding this village and decided to raid it. After several hours of plundering, pillaging, and looting, they seized multiple droids for mechanical parts of which 3 “special” droids were seized, Sebzy, Cloudy, and Chek. During this raid, Sebzy was damaged and was deemed inoperable. Cloudy and Chek, feeling sorry for the astromech droid, decided to stick with him.

Once they had all gotten to the Jawa village, the droids were told to start working on several different tasks. One day while the droids were cleaning out an old radio tower, they came across a terminal that contained ancient Jedi radio signals. Cloudy soon realizes that this could be a means of escape for the three of them. They then develop a plan of escape.

Under the cover of night, Sebzy sends out a distress signal to all of the frequencies, hoping that maybe one of them would still be operational. As fate would have it, a nearby droid workshop which happened to be using one of these frequencies, received the message and went on a rescue mission to save the droids. After saving the droids from the Jawa village, under the cover of night, they were taken to the nearby Droid Workshop to be repaired and put in tip-top shape. Finally, the droids could now live in peace once again, or so they thought.


Thank you for reading this edition of Star Wars: IW Edition, we acknowledge the fact that none of this makes sense but, we hope you enjoyed it. We also hope to see you at our next event coming up #food-war🍕 #ausia-event-information. If you have been enjoying the series so far, please let us know and leave a comment on whether we should continue the series or not.



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  1. cant wait to see how this series continues


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