Weekly Recap: May 8th-May14th

Hello Ice Avengers!

In this week’s episode of Ice Warriors, the community gets together to spend an afternoon with their twin plus suit up with the community to defeat the evil Thanos (Iceyfeet1234). Lets see how these event turned out!

DrQueen released an important announcement regarding CPAB accounts. Make sure you make your CPAB account ASAP!

Congrats to Chek on his promotion to Staff!

Note: All non-blue counted penguins are confirmed IW Troops.

[AUSIA] PB vs Help Force

Max: 23

[EU/US] Twin Day

Max: 23

[EU/US] Battle Training

Max: 20

[EU/US] Marvel Takeover

Max: 24

[EU/US] PB vs Red Ravagers

Max: 24


Ice Avengers Assemble!

Thank you to Kally, Levelz & IceQueen for helping count the pictures!

One Response

  1. Impressive. Most impressive.

    When can I be unbanned? I still regret what I did… you know I’m a changed lady Templar now. Still love you guys.

    Yes that includes you too, Icequeen homie.


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