Misc Friday #3

Hello, Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all having an amazing Friday so far! But, the best part of your day has yet to come, and is finally here… Miscellaneous Friday! Misc Friday is when we compile a bunch of different pictures from #food, #iw-memes, #pets, and #fan-art then compile them in to a post for all of our troops to enjoy. Let’s take a look at our selection of pictures for this Friday…

Our first picture, is from the #food channel! This is a beautiful photo of our 2nd in Command, Josh’s delicious Pink Pineapple! Looks so yummy, hope he saved me a piece! :goo~5:

Look at the pretty color!

Now, let’s take a dive into #iw-memes to look at our 4th in Command, DelightedGOYAL’s super funny meme! :panda_aww:

This week we have received so much art in the #fan-art channel! Now, we shall take a look at “Kris from Deltarune” made by Staff in Training, Kapi!

HeadChicken: Hello, Kapi! This piece is truly amazing, what was the inspiration behind it? :HCDance:

Kapi: Tim’s pfp, he made a Kris one and I just replied with my old drawing I did a while ago. I also drew him as Spamton and basically did like a drawing contest.

What a beautiful piece, Kapi! Can not wait to see more fan art from you! :pinkhearts~1:

Next up, we have a commission piece of a doggo posted in #fan-art that was made by HelperMini! Isn’t the doggo just so cute? I love it, Mini!

Can not wait to see it finished!

Last but not least, we can never forget about #pets! This week we got to see a super cute photo of Lieutenant General, Alucard’s cat, Smokey! Isn’t she just so cute? :awe:

That will be all for this Friday, hope you enjoyed! Make sure to share love to these amazing people in the comment section below. I can not wait to see what will be featured next week! Do not forgot to post in #iw-memes, #fan-art, #food, and #pets for a larger chance of being featured in next week’s Misc Friday. Make sure to check out #event-information for our upcoming events to help us prepare us for Legends Cup! Until then…

Don’t Freeze Up! :iwsalute~1:


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