Trivia Thursday #60

Hello Ice Warriors, long time no see! As you have probably noticed, considering the title of today’s post, it’s the day we test your Club Penguin/Ice Warriors knowledge. However, before we get into that, we need to congratulate the winner from last week’s Trivia Thursday. Drumroll, please…. *dadum, dadum, dadum* congratulations Cloudy for once again proving to be one of the smartest penguins in Ice Warriors! Now, let’s check out what the answers were, and then we can get into this week’s questions!

1.) Attend Orange’s retirement event

2.) Warrant Officer

3.) Purple

4.) Could answer with either Kally, DrQueen, or IceQueen

5.) #games-centre

For those that are new to Trivia Thursday, I will quickly explain how it works. Every week you will have an easy chance to get FREE SNOWFLAKES. To do this all you have to do is be one of the first 3 people to answer all of the questions correctly. The winners and correct answers will all be revealed in the next Trivia Thursday, so watch out! Here are this week’s questions.

1.) Name one of the requirements that must be met before joining our IW MC server.

2.) TRUE OR FALSE: You have to be a leader to be added to the HoF

3.) Who got TOTW on 04/03/2022?

4.) Name two of our advisors

5.) Who won the Best IW Duo Medal at our twin event?

Make sure to answer these questions as fast as you can for a chance to win this week’s Trivia Thursday! Make sure you keep an eye on #event-information, let’s make sure we get some big sizes! As always, creamy peanut butter is far more superior than crunchy!

3 Responses

  1. 1.) Having a CPAB account
    2.) False
    3.) Alex.. & The4spaceconstants
    4.) Madhav & Shinde
    5.) Me & Ben :3

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  2. 1) Have CPAB role
    2) False
    3) Alex & Thecryotemps
    4) Shinde, madhav
    5) HC & qtBen

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  3. having minecraft
    andrew24, agent11
    benny, andrew24
    ghost, ben

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