Trivia Thursday #59

Hello, Ice Warriors!

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday. Before we commence this Trivia Thursday, let’s give a shoutout to the winner(s) of last week’s Trivia Thursday! Please give Cloudy a huge congratulations on being the first person to answer all the questions right for the prior Trivia Thursday, good job! Now, lets check the answers from the previous Trivia Thursday:

1.) Freedomist

2. 600

3. Chevy

4. Minecraft, bees, and graphics.

5. 2 (Qt Ben and Levelz)

You might be asking yourself, how does Trivia Thursday work? I will list a set of question in the space below. The first 3 people to comment on this post will recieve SNOWFLAKES in the Ice Warriors Discord where you can buy different roles in #shop! The answers to this weeks questions and the winners of this Trivia Thursday will be revealed next week. Now, I will state this weeks questions below:

1.) What event did you have to attend to obtain the Chaos Clowns medal?

2.) Which rank can you get GIF permissions?

3.) Which Trusted Staff is known for loving Starbucks?

4.) Name one Leader that has achieved IW Icon.

5.) Which channel showcases the Daily Schedule?

Make sure to comment below as quick as you can to have a chance to win this Trivia Thursday! The winners of this week’s Trivia Thursday will be featured next week so make sure to keep an eye on #announcements. Lastly, make sure to check out #event-information for our upcoming events, as we are starting to train for Legends Cup! Good luck and have fun! Until next time…

Don’t Freeze Up!

One Response

  1. 1. Orange’s retirement event
    2. Warrant officer
    3. Purple :3
    4. Kally
    5. #game-center

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