Troop / Staff Member of the Week: May 1st, 2022

Hey Ice Warriors! This week was our first full week back on Club Penguin and for that reason we’ve had many of our troops and staff put in the effort to make our return as grand as possible. Naturally, with so many people putting in hard work for IW it’s only right to reward them for their efforts. Today, I present to you our Troop of the Week and Staff Member of the Week

Troop of the Week: E11_ON_CRACK

Staff Member of the Week: Timothy

E11 has not been with us for long as this week was his first week of club penguin events however he has already shown great commitment as he attended the majority of events this week! We hope to see you continue the activity and congratulations on being this weeks Troop of the Week!

Timothy has seen his activity increase drastically since our return as he attended near every event held so far on CPAB. He’s also been active in our main chat, helping to make many troops feel welcomed and making it easier for newcomers along with people checking in on IW for the first time in a while to engage with the rest of the army. Congratulations on being this weeks Staff Member of the Week and we hope to see you keep up the good work!

Make sure to congratulate both these individuals in main chat and DMs for their efforts and hard work as we transition to CPAB. If you want to be featured next time then be sure to attend events, talk in main chat and recruit new members into the army as all your efforts are acknowledged and much appreciated. We hope to see you around in the future and hopefully we can see some of you be featured here next time!


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