Q&A: Summertime in IW

Hi Ice Warriors! 

Hope everyone is having a good week, cause it’s near summer break (or having it right now). This means many of us will be having a vacation whether you’re staying at home the whole month or going somewhere perhaps. I’ll be asking a few questions about what they will or might be having for the summer break 🥰. Let’s get into it

What type of activities do you usually do during the summer?

Josh: Usually in the summer, I’m mostly playing video games, but occasionally I would spend some time outside riding a bike.

MilkyWayy: Hanging out with friends, usually going to movies or amusement parks


What’s your favorite vacation from the last years during summertime?

HeadChicken: Probably one of my favorite vacations I’ve been on from the last couple of years was probably going to the Caribbean, it was really fun and I got to spend lots of time with my family and friends.

Chey: Hmm, I don’t remember if I went on a vacation let me think. OH RIGHT pretty sure I went to a few places in one vacation so, I went to virginia, maryland and delaware.

Silver: oo, good question. Well over the past couple of years I haven’t had much summertime vacations due to COVID, but this year I recently go back from a trip to Atlanta Georgia with my dad. That was an amazing trip.


If you could go anywhere during the summer, where would you go?

Icy: I would go to…. Dubai. Because Dubai has the most beautiful beaches and cars and I loveee cars

Mogi: HAWAII. Because it is very hot, and I like beaches

Mystical_bot: Hmmm Goa, India. Cuz it’s the beach side, so during summer it’s hot and stuff. I’ll get on my summer costume and go there uwu.


And that’s all for this week’s Q&A, even though it’s not IW related hope you guys have a nice time reading it. Don’t forget to attend our upcoming events #📅┃event-information with more available time during school break. Have a nice summer break for everyone and peace out!



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