Trivia Thursday #65

Hello once again Ice Warriors!

It’s rumored that Legends Cup is getting closer and closer. After seeing a victory in March Madness, it means that the Ice Warriors are looking forward to the opportunity to achieve a back to back streak of tournament wins. Before we get to that though, I would like to welcome you back to the game we all know and love, Trivia Thursday. And this is going to be the 65th edition. Before we get started, let’s go see what our answers were from the previous Trivia Thursday, which our lovely Trusted Staff Cloudy was able to correctly answer:

1. Summer Style

2. False

3. 2 (announced during the middle and end of a month)

4. 4, 2

5. #games-centre

Briefly explaining how Trivia Thursday works, an article gets posted that includes 5+ trivial questions that involve something to do with the Ice Warriors. Answering all questions means you earn snowflakes, which can help you be able to buy roles in #shop.

You will have to answer various question types such as general answers, multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. The correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. With all that being said, here are this week’s questions:

1. Name one of the three winners of the 🌈Prideful Penguin🌈 role giveaway.

2. Due to a total of 5 newly inducted IW Legends, we now have a total of __ IW Legends of the new generation.

3. True or False: every member inducted in the Hall of Fame currently have the rank of at least Leader in Training.

4. What was the theme of the most recent Takeover event?

5. Every Sunday, at least three roles get pinged in the channel, name one of them.

And that’s going to do it for this week’s Trivia Thursday. If you would like to partake in answering Trivia Thursday questions, you have the comments section below to submit answers. There are tales of an upcoming tournament being even closer than before. Before we get there, I hope to see you at future events and help us gain some momentum. Catch you then…



One Response

  1. 1: queen anna won one of the prideful penguins, 2: i’m pretty sure there were 4 new legends? 3: false, 4: i think it was the kiwi takeover, 5: private is one of them (just so you know i’m the real chevy)


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